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Is it Friday yet?
[ 674 days, 18 hours ago - 08/04/21 09:08 AM ]

It's only Wednesday~~?

But that means it's just TWO MORE DAYS until Omni Fandom Expo 2021 begins!

It's also WIP Wednesday, so show us what you're working on for the con!

Omni-tan is getting herself ready, too. She's been looking forward to seeing everyone since 2019 ended! She's so excited, she's even got a special badge ribbon to hand out to anyone who takes photos with her on Friday of the convention! These are limited quantity, so don't miss your chance. She'll also hang out with us for a bit at Omni-tan's Pajama Party Friday night in Main Events!

Don't forget your tickets, hotel room, cosplays, face coverings, and hand sanitizer!

See everyone on Friday at the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee!

??: Michael Gavin Photography, Omni Fandom Expo 2018
Omni-tan is brought to life by @lolita.minako (IG) from Cosmic Gemini Cosplay.

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Meet one of the Star Central Dance Festival performers!
[ 676 days, 18 hours ago - 08/02/21 09:08 AM ]

We've got just the thing for those Monday blues~ How about meeting one of the idol groups performing in the Star Central Dance Festival!

AKA Aidoru will be taking the stage on Saturday August 7, 2021 in Main Events! The Star Central Dance Festival starts at 5:30p following the Masquerade Costume Contest!

You can check out their Instagram, too! @akaaidoru

See everyone this weekend at the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee! Please keep safe, don't forget your face coverings, and make sure you've got your cosplays ready~

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #StarCentralDanceFestival #idols #akaaidoru #danceshow #convention #anime #gaming

So close~~
[ 678 days, 18 hours ago - 07/31/21 09:07 AM ]

We're getting everything ready on our end - we can't believe that it's less than a week away now!

In case you haven't gotten your Pre-Registration, tickets are available until 11:59pm tonight here on our site! After tonight, tickets will be available at the door during the convention.

Also - hotel rooms are still available at our host location, Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, so if you still want to make sure you're able to stay the weekend with us to enjoy all the late night events Friday and Saturday nights, give them a call and let them know you're staying for Omni Fandom Expo to get the low con rate!

And just to remind all, Face Coverings are being required for all attendees next weekend. This includes merchants, Guests, and Staff as well. Please keep socially distanced as best as possible and listen to all directions from Staff. We want everyone to have a safe and healthy weekend with us.

See everyone next weekend, Aug 6-8!

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Face Coverings Update
[ 679 days, 18 hours ago - 07/30/21 09:07 AM ]

Important Update!

The Omni Fandom Expo Staff has been in discussion after monitoring the severity of the Delta variant updates for COVID-19. While our hotel location, the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, only requires face coverings for those unvaccinated (at the time of this posting), we WILL BE REQUIRING for ALL attending our event to have face coverings while inside the convention center space.

Repeat: Face Coverings are REQUIRED for ALL inside the convention center space.

Even Omni-tan has her mask ready!

We will still be holding a raffle for Vaccinated attendees, and some events in the Main Events room may allow for those with the vaccination sticker to remove their masks if properly socially distanced. Masquerade Costume Contest Contestants will be allowed to remove their masks when going on stage for presentation but they must be put back on before returning to their seats after getting off stage.

At this time and unless given direction otherwise during Omni Fandom Expo in specified locations, if you wish to remove your mask or face covering, you must leave the convention center space.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to a safe convention for everyone next weekend!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #COVIDupdate #omnitan #mascot #convention #florida #anime #gaming #cosplay

Celebrity Card Game!
[ 683 days, 18 hours ago - 07/26/21 09:07 AM ]

In place of Cards Against Humanity this year, we're trying something new and Family Friendly!

We've got a surprise - our Celebrity Guests are choosing who can say it best between Staff and each other from the drawn cards in the card game Utter Nonsense! A phrase and an accent are chosen from the deck at random - and the Staff has to beat the Voice Actors at their own game! Can they do it? You'll have to attend to find out!

VIP Passholders - if you are present in the room, you will be entered for a chance to play with the Guests and Staff! No video will be allowed during the panel.

Main Events, Friday Aug 6th at 8p!

Final week to get your Pre-Registration tickets! Can't wait to see you all at the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee Aug 6-8th!

#OmniFandomExpo #OFE2021 #OmniFandomExpo2021 #celebritygames #convention #florida #panelevents #utternonsense #cardgame

Hotel Room Rate Cut-Off Tonight!
[ 687 days, 13 hours ago - 07/22/21 02:07 PM ]

General reminder!

Hotel room reservations at the con rate for our host location, Wyndham Orlando Resort and Conference Center Celebration Area, in Kissimmee, FL ends tonight! Don’t miss out! Only $95/night to hang out with us all weekend!

Check the link here to make your reservations easy!

Pre-Registration for tickets also ends tomorrow!

#OmniFandomExpo #OFE2021 #OmniFandomExpo2021 #convention #anime #gaming

Volunteer Hours Now Available!
[ 688 days, 11 hours ago - 07/21/21 04:07 PM ]

Sorry for the delay everyone, I had to chase Glitch out of the Volunteer sector of the site code~ He was having way too much fun in there! ^^;; But he's out now and I turned everything over to the amazing Staff to get it taken care of!
~Omni-tan <3 <3 <3

We know everyone's been curious, but we're happy to say the all the kinks have been worked out of the system after Glitch's happy romp, lol. The Volunteer Hours system is now open for you to select your times.

Just go to the Information drop down and select Volunteering. Or you can follow the handy link here!

See you all Aug 6-8 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort and Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, FL!

 #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OmniFandomExpo #OFE2021 #mascot #glitchthedragon #volunteering #convention

CRH Presents: Saturday Evening Burlesque!
[ 688 days, 18 hours ago - 07/21/21 09:07 AM ]

Happy hump day! And we've got another great event announcement, too!

CRH PRESENTS: Saturday Evening Cartoons Burlesque! (18+ ONLY)

Are you ready to have to see your favorite cartoon characters in a whole new dimension? CRH Productions is proud to present some of your favorite characters from all walks of animation strutting their stuff across our stage.

They could be from anime, CN, nicktoons, movies, you name it. So get ready to sit back, relax, and replace that nostalgia with some NEW memories!

Location: Main Events

Time: Saturday Aug 7: 11:00pm

Age: 18 and up ONLY with a valid Drivers License or State ID. No Exceptions!

Click here more information!

Make sure you have your PreRegistration tickets and your hotel room! See everyone August 6-8, 2021 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort and Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, FL!

#OmniFandomExpo #OFE2021 #OmniFandomExpo2021 #convention #burlesque #CRH #nerdlesque #performanceshow 

New Event!
[ 693 days, 12 hours ago - 07/16/21 03:07 PM ]

Two posts in one day?! What madness is this? Well Omni fans, it's because I was way too excited to wait another day to tell you about it! ~Omni-tan <3 <3


The Princess Alliance has insisted that all guys, gals, and non-binary pals join them in Omni Kingdom for this year's All Princess Ball!

Take this opportunity to dance the night away with your best friends or sworn enemies. The Princess Prom will feature a colorful lineup of music inspired by She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Guests are strongly encouraged to dress up in cosplay or prom attire to participate in our costume and dance contests to win Prom Royalty!

Hosted By: Viiibe Identity Design and Crappy Cosplays 101

For more information, check out this link! While you're here, make sure you pick up your Pre-Registration tickets and hotel room at the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, FL!

See you all in August!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #SheRa #PrincessofPower #Cattra #lgbtq+ #convention #dance #event #viibeidentitydesign #cosplay

Deadline Extended for Star Central Dance Festival!
[ 693 days, 18 hours ago - 07/16/21 09:07 AM ]

Attention all Idols!!

Did you miss the deadline for the Star Central Dance Festival and still want to send in your application to perform on stage? Congrats - we've got just the answer for you! Due to popular request, the deadline for sending in audition applications for a performance slot has been extended to July 20th!

All current applications are being reviewed by Staff and will be contacted by the 18th.

Can't wait to see everyone at Omni Fandom Expo in August! Pre-Registration tickets and hotel room reservations at the low con rates are available through right here on our site!

#OmniFandomExpo #OFE2021 #StarCentralDanceFestival #danceshow #idols #convention #OmniFandomExpo2021

Tabletop Gaming at Omni Fandom Expo!
[ 694 days, 18 hours ago - 07/15/21 09:07 AM ]

At Omni Fandom Expo you can get your tabletop gaming on with Alpha Quadrant Games! Have some old school fun with friends, discover a new favorite game, join in on a campaign - the choice is yours! They‘ve even got a raffle planned~

Check out the link for more information! Omni Fandom Expo tickets and hotel rooms are available on our site, so don’t miss out!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #tabletopgaming #alphaquadrantgames #gaming

New Cosplay Guest and Masquerade Judge Taylor Lost One!
[ 695 days, 18 hours ago - 07/14/21 09:07 AM ]

Cosplay Guest Announcement Time! Please welcome Taylor Lost One to Omni Fandom Expo 2021!

Taylor Lost One is a cosplayer and professional makeup artist from Longwood, Florida. Her passion for makeup began in high school while doing hair and makeup for theater productions. In 2014 she began cosplaying and found a love for the art. Taylor began working professionally as a makeup artist in 2017 for Universal Orlando and also works as a freelance artist for independent films, music videos, cosplay and other projects. To her cosplay and makeup provide the opportunity to bring characters to life in a unique way. She has hosted panels over the years at conventions to educate cosplayers on makeup techniques and strongly advocates for safe makeup application.

Omni Fandom Expo 2021 will be her first guest position ever at Omni Fandom Expo, so make sure you come say hi!

You can also see her at the Masquerade Costume Contest along with Moira Yume as a judge!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #cosplay #cosplayer #costume #contest #cosplayguest #convention

CRH Presents: Miyazaki Madness (Aerials and Movement Show)!
[ 696 days, 18 hours ago - 07/13/21 09:07 AM ]

Omni Fandom Expo
is the place to check out some amazing shows by talented performers inspired by your favorites from pop culture.

Make sure you check out this one - CRH Presents: Miyazaki Madness (Aerials and Movement Show)!

The magical worlds of Miyazaki come to life in the Miyazaki Madness Movement Show! See your favorite characters perform aerials, parkour, acro, dance and other amazing feats in this Movement Show inspired by your favorite Miyazaki films!

Don't miss this one, it's sure to amaze! Saturday, August 7, 2021 at Noon in Main Events. Make sure you get your Pre-Registration tickets on our site and book your hotel room at the con rate with our host location, the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, so that you don't miss any of the fun all weekend long!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #CRH #aerials #performanceshow #convention #miyazaki

Speakeasy Sirens Present: Sailormoon Burlesque!
[ 697 days, 18 hours ago - 07/12/21 09:07 AM ]

Celebrating the Kingdom of the Moon, the Princess and her guardians, the Speakeasy Sirens, will be bringing you an extravagant treat for all Sailor Moon fans!


Join the Sailor Senshi, favorite felines, and daring villains as they perform tantalising and daring acts just for our friends at Omni Fandom Expo in this glamorous burlesque show! A night full of unique performances tailored to the true personality of each senshi and their gifted element, and to the villains and their darkest desires, taking the stage to wow and captivate you!

Location: Main Events

Time: Saturday at 9p

Age: 18 and up ONLY with a valid Drivers License or State ID. No Exceptions!


The Speakeasy Sirens is a cosplay performance troupe based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2016 they've performed at multiple comic book shops, private events, a convention or two and even a haunted house! Having an array of performers skilled in poi, fan work, lyra, silks, gymnastics and more, they incorporate these skills into making their burlesque shows unique and something fresh.


You can find information on upcoming and past shows, auditions and booking on the Speakeasy Sirens Facebook Page!


#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #speakeasysirens #burlesque #nerdlesque #performanceshows #convention #sailormoon

Cosplay Repair Station Will Be Available!
[ 700 days, 18 hours ago - 07/09/21 09:07 AM ]


While you’re busy planning your cosplays out for this season, we’ve got you covered for any necessary emergency repairs! If you need a quick fix, make sure you check out the Cosplay Repair Station at Omni Fandom Expo (location TBD - we’ll list it on the map as soon as it’s finalized)!

Don’t forget to pick up your Pre-Registration and get your hotel room reserved! Room reservations for the convention rate at our host location, Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, are only available until July 23, 2021 so don’t wait!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #cosplayrepair #cosplay #convention

Cosplay Guest and Masquerade Judge Moira Yume Returns!
[ 701 days, 18 hours ago - 07/08/21 09:07 AM ]

We're happy to announce that cosplayer Moira Yume is returning to Omni Fandom Expo 2021 as a Cosplay Guest and Masquerade Costume Contest Judge!

Moira has been involved in the cosplay community since 2006, just shy of her 17th birthday. Having started with the late cosplay troupe, 'Bonzai Anime', Moira found her love and passion for cosplay, costumes and acting. Over the years she has made over a 100 costumes; some for herself, some as commissions for people and some for theatre work during her college days. Along the way, she has earned many different types of awards from multiple competitions. She knows what judges will want to be looking for and isn't afraid to say "Please, check my seams!" Costuming is a passion and Moira dreams to have an influence in the cosplay community and help anyone starting on their own cosplay journey!

Moira is sponsored by Areku Cosplay & Photography.

Photo credit: Runafragment (instagram)

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #cosplay #cosplayer #costume #contest #cosplayguest #convention

Masquerade Costume Contest hype!
[ 702 days, 18 hours ago - 07/07/21 09:07 AM ]

The highlight of most conventions is the amazing cosplays put together by attendees to show off their love of their favorite characters. We want to see you strut your best creation on our stage at the Masquerade Costume Contest!

Prizes include gift cards, sewing & crafting supplies, CASH, and much more!

Click here for more information and don't forget to pick up your Pre-Registration tickets and hotel room!

See you August 6-8, 2021 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area in Kissimmee, FL!

??: Michael Gavin Photography - Omni Fandom Expo 2019 Masquerade Costume Contest winners & judges

#OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #OmniFandomExpo #costumecontest #masqueradecostumecontest #cosplayers #cosplay #costume #convention

Applications Open!
[ 704 days, 17 hours ago - 07/05/21 10:07 AM ]

Okay Idols, are you ready to show off your best performance? We've got the perfect event!

If you answered yes, then get your entries in now! You have until July 15 to send in your application to be a performer for the Star Central Dance Festival at Omni Fandom Expo August 6-8, 2021! Day and time for the show are TBD as we finalize our event schedule for Main Events.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Click here for more information!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #starcentraldancefestival #danceshow #convention #idols

Guest Announcement!
[ 705 days, 12 hours ago - 07/04/21 03:07 PM ]

Who's ready for a guest announcement on this great Fourth of July?! I know I am!!

I'm excited to announce that voice actor, comedian, and wrestler Jon Allen will be joining us in Kissimmee this year! Make sure you get your room at the Wyndham Orlando Resort Celebration Area through our site right here!

You can check out more of his bio on our site when you go pick up your Pre-Registration tickets and hotel room! ??
~Omni-tan <3 <3

2016 San Diego Film Award “Best Actor” nominee and winner of the 2014 “I’m Funnier Than” Comedy Contest, Jon has always had an interest in story-telling and making people laugh. His voice credits include Alessi in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," Red Blood Cell AC1677 in "Cells at Work Code Black," Critter and Fu Za in "Sword Art Online: Alicization," Mori in "FLCL Progressive," Kiyoshi Miyaji and Yoshinori Susa in "Kuroko's Basketball," Zack in "Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans," Binolt, Kazsule, and Number Zero on "Hunter X Hunter," and numerous others.

In the gaming world he starred as the voice of all versions of Jarvis and H8 Squadder in “Pain” and on the Playstation Network. He’s also been heard as Thorton and Brawly in "Pokemon Masters," Persona the Masked in "Phantasy Star Online 2," and several other titles.

In addition to his acting and comedy pursuits, Jon also regularly contributes to the world of pro-wrestling, wrestling as the 2 time, longest reigning, and CURRENT reining champion “Ricotta Flair” on WWE star Brian Kendrick’s comedic “Wrestling Pro Wrestling” in Los Angeles, CA which streams every month on Twitch TV. He's also wrestled for former WWE and TNA star Sinn Bodhi's "Freakshow Wrestling" in Las Vegas, NV, and ran "Fans United Wrestling" in San Diego, CA.

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #jonallen #voiceactor #celebrityguest #wrestling #gaming #convention

Event Update!
[ 705 days, 18 hours ago - 07/04/21 09:07 AM ]

Attention all Idols!

CosDance Fest has evolved into the Star Central Dance Festival! We'll be opening submissions for performance groups to be considered - but more information will be coming soon! Look forward to it! ??

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2021 #OFE2021 #idols #danceshows

Win a Prize for Showing Us You're Vaccinated!
[ 706 days, 18 hours ago - 07/03/21 09:07 AM ]

Omni fans! Omg hi! =D

Can you believe it’s already July?! Where did time go?! I wanted to share with everyone this awesome news I came across!

While masks will still be required for all attendees, if you show your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to our Registration Staff when you pick up your badges or wristbands you’ll get a nifty sticker that tells everyone you’re Vaccinated! But that’s not all – this also puts you in a raffle for these cool Jujutsu Kaisen figures! (Yes, plural! The Staff will be doing TWO drawings!)

The Staff wants to be sure everyone stays safe during the con! We can’t wait to see everyone in August!

~Omni-tan <3 <3 <3

2021 News Coming Soon!
[ 721 days, 11 hours ago - 06/18/21 04:06 PM ]

Hey Omni fans!

Just wanted to pop on real quick to let everyone know that there are some cool updates coming soon! The team is really working hard to get everything -



GLITCH WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! Agh, sorry guys, I gotta go find Glitch, he's snuck off to the Code again! Bye~

<3 <3 Omni-tan

Happy Memorial Day!
[ 739 days, 19 hours ago - 05/31/21 08:05 AM ]

Hey Omni fans!

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all our military, past and present, for working hard to keep our country safe.

Couple of quick updates~

MERCHANTS - We will be releasing a couple of tables/booths for reservation shortly! Please remember that all open spaces are available on a first come first served basis!

Second, we have posted the updated link for hotel reservations! The Wyndham Orlando Resort Celebration has been renovated, too! Check out the amazing new pool area! We look forward to seeing everyone in August! ????

2020 Postponement & New Dates
[ 1057 days, 8 hours ago - 07/17/20 07:07 PM ]

Hello Everyone,

We had hoped that with our new dates that we would be seeing all of you and having some fun together before the end of the summer this year. However, after many discussions, much planning with our Staff and the Hotel, and lots of observations of the current and evolving community situation, we have weighed the many options for Omni Fandom Expo 2020.

We found that given the current standings, holding a 2020 event was just not in the cards. In the best interests and continued safety of everyone, we felt it would better to postpone to a time when we would be able to put on the caliber of event that we have come to love for the past 6 years. We are severely disappointed and saddened to have to say that we will be postponing Omni Fandom Expo until 2021 when we hope things will be safer for all involved. After all, without you, there is no convention. But fear not Omni fans, for our dates are already locked in with our Hotel, the Wyndam Orlando Resort Celebration!

Omni Fandom Expo will return August 6-8, 2021! This gives everyone another year to plan and prepare. We hope for plenty of time to allow the current health situation to have some form of stability with immunization and treatment available to allow gatherings safely once again for all to enjoy.

Nevertheless, we will continue to plan for safe health standards, hanging on to the supplies we have already been gathering for this year so we will be ready for 2021. We have been in close contact with our Hotel location and will continue to do so as we monitor changes in the current situation.

We ask everyone to please remember that we are a small convention, and as such we rely on PreRegistration and Merchant sales to afford all the pre-con required expenses, such as venue, advertising, flights, etc. This means that, as before, all monies previously received were already applied to the Hotel and convention planning, and any flight refunds from March's postponement are still in limbo. Other expenses were rolled over from one set of dates to the next. What does this mean for those of you whom have already helped support Omni Fandom Expo 2020?

  • Hotel rooms should automatically be cancelled by the Wyndam Orlando Resort Celebration. In case they are not, please give them time to do so. The hotel has not yet fully reopened and staff there is currently extremely limited or working from home.
  • PreRegistration and Merchant Booths/Tables: As with our previous postponement from March to August of this year, we will be rolling over all purchases to the new 2021 dates. You will not need to do anything as this will be automatic.
  • Panelists: Once again we will be clearing the panel schedule when the new dates are created. We will make an announcement once the new dates and times are available. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we have felt it best in everyone's interests to simply reset the panel times in case anyone needs to change their schedule.
  • Merchants unable to attend our new dates will need to contact us. The same requirements as last time will apply - due to the lack of sufficient funds at this time, we will be unable to refund until the specific table/booth resells. Please contact us with your table/booth number and company name as well as proof of purchase so that we may release your table/booth and place you on our refund list.
  • Merchants who cancelled previously and your table/booth has NOT resold: Please contact us immediately with your information so that we may place you back in your same spot. Any prior payment will be reapplied.
  • Merchants who cancelled previously and your table/booth IS NOT available but you were not yet refunded due to the sale not yet completing: If there is a table or booth currently available please place your reservation and contact us with your information so that we may apply your previous payment to the new table/booth.

As always, we thank everyone for their support of our small event. We wish all the best of safety and health in these trying times and hope to see you all in 2021.

We love you all and please be safe so we can see you next year.

Owner, Omni Fandom Expo

2020 Information Update
[ 1072 days, 10 hours ago - 07/02/20 05:07 PM ]

To the Attendees and Supporters of Omni Fandom Expo:

In light of current events, we here at Omni Fandom Expo would like to take a moment to address concerns raised in regards to our event in less than two months. We appreciate everyone's concerns and do not take them lightly, and as such, we have been in contact with our host hotel to ensure that we are taking every precaution to keep Omni Fandom Expo safe. Beyond that, we are carefully monitoring Osceola County ordinances pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as information put forth by the State of Florida and the CDC.

Omni Fandom Expo is a small event, so we are confident that we will be able to ensure social distancing guidelines will be enforced over the course of the weekend. As a reminder, face coverings will be required for entry. If someone is seen without any sort of face coverings, they will be informed by Staff or volunteers to put one on, or they will need to leave the event space. This is in accordance with Osceola County guidelines requiring face coverings in public spaces. We also encourage attendees and Merchants to hold each other accountable in maintaining social distance protocols and the wearing of face coverings.

The Omni Fandom Expo Staff do believe in the effectiveness of wearing face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Recent studies have also shown this information. (For example, you can check out this article covering one such study by Cambridge University.) Of course, it is best to combine face coverings with social distancing and hand washing/sanitizing.

Throughout the convention space, we will have signs posted detailing social distancing guidelines, as well as markings on the ground for queuing. The set up for seating in Main Events and Panel Rooms will be designed with social distancing in mind, with rooms being kept to 50% capacity or less. We are in talks with the performers for our shows to make sure that everyone can have a good time without putting anyone at risk. Certain events are also being amended.

Over the last several months, the Staff of the convention have been collecting cleaning supplies for use in the convention space, and the schedules for these rooms are being adjusted in order to allow time for staff to clean the space between events and panels. Staff has also been in contact with the hotel to ensure they are going to have available accommodations of sanitizer stations when they reopen in July after their renovations. We encourage all Merchants to come prepared with cleaning supplies for their individual booths, as Omni Fandom Expo will need to make sure that their supplies lasts the entire weekend, from set up on Thursday to tear down on Sunday.

We understand that some of our friends in the community have concerns about our event. While our policy on refunds remains the same, we would like to remind everyone that tickets are transferrable and they may be sold to another party. If you have any questions or further concerns please send them to to ensure that they are seen in a timely manner. Please note that our Staff may not be able to reply to every email due to their own schedules of working in essential industries.

We thank everyone for their continued support in our little convention, and we hope to see you in August!

The Staff at Omni Fandom Expo

Convention Update!!
[ 1089 days, 12 hours ago - 06/15/20 03:06 PM ]

Omni fans! We hope everyone has been keeping safe and healthy during these crazy times.

We wanted to give an update about this year's event. Osceola County, where our hotel is located at, has a County Ordinance requiring the wearing of face masks when in public. Because of this, as well as the concern for everyone's health while in attenance, Omni Fandom Expo 2020 will be requiring face masks/covering to be worn by everyone at all times inside the convention space.

This means all attendees, vendors, artists, Staff, and Guests. If you need to take a break from your mask you will need to step outside away from the entrance doors or return to your hotel room (if you're staying with us at our host location).

In this light, we know many of you are sporting custom fandom masks and we want to see them! Get creative if you haven't yet! Show us your cosplay-related masks or how you show off your favorite character or series/movie/game/etc.

Tag us in your social media posts (@OmniFandomExpo on Instagram and Twitter!) and use the hashtag #OFE2020facemasks in your post so we can check them out! We'll even give away a VIP pass to our favorite pick!

We can't wait to hang out with everyone August 14-16, 2020 at the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration in Kissimmee, FL!

Tickets and hotel room reservations are available now!

For more information about Osceola County's current COVID-19 ordinances, please check out their site.

#OFE2020 #OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2020 #facemasks #convention #giveaway #conventionupdate

Convention Update
[ 1183 days, 9 hours ago - 03/13/20 06:03 PM ]

As fans ourselves, we always take pride in trying to put together the best event possible for everyone to enjoy. That being said, we of course are always concerned with the safety and well-being of everyone involved in Omni Fandom Expo. We have been in talks with the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration, our event location for next weekend, about the concerns of the currently evolving situation.

As a small business event, we rely on the patronage of merchants and attendees alike to maintain our show. Everyone on Staff has worked hard to make sure we could have been able to keep everyone as safe as possible and respond quickly to any situation.

That being said, we had many discussions between our location and Staff. It took a lot for us to come to our decision, but ultimately it was also required by the City of Kissimmee as well. We are deeply heartbroken for it to have come down to this.

We have chosen to postpone the convention to later in the year. Dates will be announced as soon as we have them finalized.

Merchants - your current table and booth fees will be rolled over to the new dates, including those whom had previously cancelled. Any attendees who have PreRegistration tickets will also be rolled over to our new dates. The only changes will be that Panelists will need to reschedule once the new dates are in our system.

Everyone with hotel room reservations may easily amend by contacting the hotel directly. New hotel reservation information will be made available as soon as we have it.

Please, stay home and take care of yourself if you feel any illness. We as a community all joke in good fun about "con plague" and how it can be inevitable but this time it may be no joke with everyone on heightened alert.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to our next event!

-Omni Fandom Expo Staff

Information about COVID-19
[ 1186 days, 12 hours ago - 03/10/20 03:03 PM ]

Greetings Omni Fandom Expo fans!

My name is Samantha and I am the convention owner. In my role, there are many things that I am responsible for beyond the setup and planning of the convention itself. I wanted to take a moment to address a concern that has been brought to us lately.

As March 20 rolls ever closer, we understand that there is concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our event. We understand this concern and we are monitoring this situation closely.

We have been in contact with our event location, the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration, over this concern. They have assured us that they have increased their cleaning and disinfecting procedures in all public and high traffic areas of the hotel. They will also have Hand Sanitizing stations throughout the public area.

We also plan to have our own supplies on hand for our Staff to utilize to help in keeping Registration, Main Events, Panel Room, and Gaming as clean as possible. Of course, we will always recommend that all attendees and merchants take their own precautions and bring extra supplies of their own as we are aware that supply availability for cleaning and sanitation items is quite limited in our areas. Along the same line, we strongly suggest keeping an extra awareness for other's personal space and not touching or hugging anyone without their consent.

According to the CDC, "for the majority of people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low. There is not widespread circulation in most communities in the United States."

They have also released the best preventative actions to keep in mind during this time.
"-Clean your hands often
-Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing, or having been in a public place.
-If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
-To the extent possible, avoid touching high-touch surfaces in public places – elevator buttons, door handles, handrails, handshaking with people, etc. Use a tissue or your sleeve to cover your hand or finger if you must touch something.
-Wash your hands after touching surfaces in public places.
-Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, etc.
-Clean and disinfect your home to remove germs: practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks & cell phones)"

The following is also the current known symptoms to keep an eye for:
"-Pay attention for potential COVID-19 symptoms including, fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If you feel like you are developing symptoms, call your doctor.
-If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. In adults, emergency warning signs*:
    * Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    * Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    * New confusion or inability to arouse
    * Bluish lips or face"

The CDC has advised those whom are older or have compromised immune systems should take extra precaution to reduce risks, however, keep in mind that at this time the risk of getting influenza is higher than COVID-19.

For more information about the coronavirus, please check the CDC website as they provide updates with new information.

We are continuing to get everything ready for next weekend and we look forward to hanging out with everyone in Kissimmee.

Thank you all for your support!

Omni Fandom Expo Owner

New Cosplayers Announcement!
[ 1187 days, 2 hours ago - 03/10/20 01:03 AM ]

Omni Fandom Expo 2020 welcomes Guest Cosplayers Moria Yume, Taylor Lost One, BeeKaChu, and StarrCosplay!

Shinobi School Presents: MIYAZAKI MADNESS - An Aerials and Movement Show
[ 1231 days, 8 hours ago - 01/25/20 06:01 PM ]

Shinobi School Presents: MIYAZAKI MADNESS
An Aerials and Movement Show

The magical worlds of Miyazaki come to life in the Miyazaki Madness Movement Show! See your favorite characters perform aerials, parkour, acro, dance and other amazing feats in this Movement Show inspired by your favorite Miyazaki films!

Location: Main Events
Time: Saturday: Time - TBA
Happy Holidays!
[ 1263 days, 6 hours ago - 12/24/19 08:12 PM ]

The Omni Fandom Expo Staff would like to wish one and all Happy Holidays!

We have several updates coming soon, including Masquerade Costume Contest updates as well as a new showcase event being announced! Stay tuned~

Merchant Update!
[ 1267 days, 14 hours ago - 12/20/19 12:12 PM ]

Omni-tan here and OMG! Y'all are awesome~~ Artist Tables are currently all filled, Vendor Booths have only 2 left!

The Staff has told me that they are discussing possibly opening more Artist Tables in the prefunction space outside the Exhibit Hall. As always, all approved merchants should keep an eye on the site here as any tables/booths that open up will update in real time on the website's interactive map. All merchant booths and tables are available on a first-come first-serve basis!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

~<3 Omni-tan

Vendor and Artist Applications Now Open for Omni Fandom Expo 2020!
[ 1278 days, 21 hours ago - 12/09/19 05:12 AM ]

Omni Fandom Expo is now currently taking applications for Vendors and Artists!

Apply now for a Booth / Table and, if you are approved, you will be able to select yours immediatly as soon as they are available for purchase.

This year, Artist Alley will be located inside the Exhibit hall along with Vendors except for the potental of a few tables in the prefunction area.

The final Booth and Table layout and also pricing will be available as soon as the Exhibit Hall layout is approved by the Fire Marshall. The layout is currently subject to change based on Fire Marshal approval. 

Vendor booths are 10'x10' (scaled up from 8x8 last year) and Artist Tables are 6'x5'.

We are keeping all the pricing the same as last year. Pricing for Artist Tables is $120 and Vendor Booths are $300 for booths next to the entrance and $280 for inline.

To sign up for a booth, please create a merchant account and make sure you designate what types of merchant you are (Vendor, Artist, both) or sign in and go to the following page to fill out the application:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Pre-Registration Now Open!
[ 1319 days, 15 hours ago - 10/29/19 12:10 PM ]

Good News Everyone! Pre-Registration is now open! *_* Check the site for all the information and to pre-reg your tickets now! Don't forget that if you pre-register for a weekend pass, you save over at-the-door prices!

Click Here to Pre-Register Tickets!

I'm so excited for everything happening, and there's some cool announcements I'm just itching to share! (But boo, they won't let me yet~~)

Also, some of the Staff will be hanging out at Rangerstop in a couple weeks - will they see you there?

~<3 Omni-tan

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2020 #OFE2020 #convention #ticketing #florida #anime #videogames #scifi #gaming #celebrityguests #cosplay #contests #orlando

Hotel Reservations Now Open!
[ 1323 days, 10 hours ago - 10/25/19 05:10 PM ]

Hotel Reservations Available Image

Happy Friday everyone!

Goodness, it's been a while since my last update, and I am so so sorry it took so long to talk to you all~ I've been busy dealing with Glitch. ??

The Staff wanted me to let everyone know that reservations are now available for the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration for Omni Fandom Expo 2020! <3  I am so excited for this year!! 

So much more is coming along, and I just can't wait to share~~

Until next time!
~<3 <3 Omni-tan

It might help if I leave you the link for the hotel! ^_^;;

Click Here to Find More Info About Hotel Room Reservation!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2020 #OFE2020 #convention #florida #anime #videogame #event #hotel #Omnitan

Quick Update~
[ 1348 days, 9 hours ago - 09/30/19 06:09 PM ]

Oh goodness, I can't believe it's already the end of September! There's so much to -----


I wanted to make a happy cool post to say hi to everyone, but Glitch decided he needed to get involved I guess. *sigh* I'll turn things over to the Staff while I sort him out...

~Omni-tan <3 <3 <3


Hello everyone! We hope you've all had a fantastic summer! And with Fall well underway, it's time to get those 2020 engines going!

We'd like to start off the season by letting everyone know about an update with our location. Our previous announcement mentioned that we would be at the Park Inn by Radisson in Kissimmee. While we are still at this location, the hotel has been undergoing a renovation and brand change!

We are happy to say the current name of the hotel is Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration. We are currently working with them to get the hotel reservation links set up. We will make another announcement as soon as that goes online!

Coming soon, though, is what we know you all look forward to - guest announcements! We've got a couple in the pipeline, and we can't wait to share with you!!

To all of our merchants - we know you have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of applications opening. Please be patient, we hope to have that ready coming soon now that we've gotten some needed info from our hotel! As always we will announce here when applications open!

Omni Fandom Expo - March 20-22, 2020
Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration, Kissimmee

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2020 #glitchthedragon #omnitan #mascot #convention

Data Packet Access
[ 1493 days, 5 hours ago - 05/08/19 10:05 PM ]

>==*=*- for Omni Labs
>activate Gitch_nomnomnom.exe
>Username **************
>Password **************
>OMNITANv2 all area omniversal matrix access granted
>loading information
>run find_things_to_play_with_cuz_bored.exe
>data toy found...
>code output enabled
<!--Start Omni Fandom Expo Information-->
<title>News Announcement</title>
struct.omni_dates = DATES
text output: New Dates! March 20-22, 2020
struct.omni_location = LOCATION
text output: New Location! * Information Locked
>request access to location...
initialize find location:
>code output enabled
text output: Park Inn by Radisson - Orlando, FL
text output: Reservation Link Coming Soon!
<!--End Omni Fandom Expo Information-->
WARNING! System GLITCH Detected
>Incoming message to GLTICH (digital dragon) program from actual user OMNITANv2
>activate panic.exe
>OMNITANv2 logoff
>end program
>activate run_away_and_hide.exe

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