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The Princess Alliance has insisted that all guys, gals, and non-binary pals join them in Omni Kingdom for this year's All Princess Ball!

Take this opportunity to dance the night away with your best friends or sworn enemies. The Princess Prom will feature a colorful lineup of music inspired by She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Guests are strongly encouraged to dress up in cosplay or prom attire to participate in our costume and dance contests to win Prom Royalty!

Hosted By: Viiibe Identity Design and Crappy Cosplays 101
Location: Main Events
Time: Friday: 10:00pm

Viiibe Identity Design and Crappy Cosplays 101

Viiibe Identity Design is a brand that strives to create designs that include individual identity while sharing genuinely good "viiibes".

Princess Prom Activities:
  • Dancing and Music - The music is inspired by the show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and all are welcome to dance and sing along to their heart's content.
  • Crown Coloring Station - Color a paper crown of your own to wear during the event.
  • Crown Charms - Pick up a perler bead crown charm on your way out as a take-home gift.
  • Selfie Station - Take a selfie with cutouts of your favorite characters from the show.

Princess Prom Special Events:
  • Cosplayer Scavenger Hunt - Each team will be given a specific theme. Work together to find a cosplayer at the convention that fits this theme and convince them to come back to the event with you before time runs out. 2 Awards: a) First to arrive with their themed cosplayer; b) Team with the cosplayer that best fits the given theme.
  • Dance Contest - There will be two divisions; individual dancers, and group/couple dancers. Each division will dance to a randomly selected song and our judges will decide who are the best dancers out of each division.


Can I choose the music?
Song requests can be made after the dance contest from a list of songs previously selected by the host.

Can I do a flip/somersault/cartwheel?
We need our warriors in the best shape possible and ask that you keep your body safe by not performing any stunts, tricks, flips, or otherwise excessive movements that may cause harm to yourself or your fellow warriors.

Can I stop the action to show everyone a super awesome thing or tell them a cool story?
As long as you are not interrupting the host or an event during the prom and have asked for permission from your fellow warriors, then yes. Any awesome thing that could potentially cause harm to yourself or your fellow warriors is not allowed. (See above)

I'm tired from dancing and want to take off my mask, can I?
As per the Omni Kingdom's rules, all attendees are required to wear a mask during the convention. We want to keep our fellow warriors safe from sickness! If need be, take a break to rest and catch your breath.

I'm 18+ or 21+ and I want to do things people under those ages can't/shouldn't (ex/ inappropriate dancing/stripping/drinking), can I?
To make the prom a comfortable experience for warriors of any age, we ask that you refrain from any action or activity that exceeds a PG-13 rating or is inappropriate for our younger warriors. The Omni Kingdom asks this of you as well.

Can I do a special dance I planned out/choreographed beforehand for the dance contest?
The songs for the dance contest will be randomly selected by our host and we will not be taking requests for songs until after the dance contest is completed. If you happen to know the dance to the song chosen, then show off your moves, as long as they follow our policy of keeping yourself and others safe from excessive/dangerous moves.

The host is dressed as my favorite character and I want to talk to them all night/flirt with them/roleplay with them, can I?
While the host is going to be in-character for the majority of the prom and will interact with all attending warriors as that character, we ask that you keep personal interactions to a minimum. This allows the host to make sure the event is running smoothly and gives your fellow warriors a chance to speak with the host as well. Please ask before touching the host.

The host/judges didn't choose me/my team to win the contest, but I think I/we won.
The host/judges will do their best to choose fairly and multiple people will get the chance to win an event. If you/your team doesn't win an event, we hope that you aren't discouraged from participating in future events and take the opportunity to ask for tips from your fellow warriors who did win.

The cosplayer we found for the scavenger hunt won't come with us, can I force them?
A warrior does not force someone to do something they don't want to do. We ask, as a requirement of the scavenger hunt, that the cosplayer you find is a willing participant of the contest. If need be, find a new cosplayer to fit your theme.
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