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GLITCH 2019 art by chizuny

OMNI LABS LOG: 12/30/18
We've been monitoring what seems to be hacked data from Omni-tan, but when we attempt to talk to her, she appears completely normal. This is contradictory to her recent out-of-character behavior, including approving the creation of several events run by rather unsavory folk — some, outright dangerous! Under normal circumstances, she would have never authorized the creation of events in the Omniversal Matrix run by the likes of Penguin and Hades, so we see this as a cause for concern.

As we dig deeper into our investigation of these abnormalities, we are growing more and more certain that Omni-tan has somehow been hacked. Her programming has to have been altered in a way that could prove dangerous to her personality and continued existence as an AI. At this point, we find that the World Forge source code appears to be normal, except that we have been locked out of modifying any code to the World Forge itself, nor have we been able to decrypt or modify Omni-tan’s personal code in any way. We will continue to monitor the situation and see if we can get any clues as to what is going on

This is strange! Omni-tan’s code is changing! It’s as though there are little traces of old code left behind, like it has been eaten! The tech team here has no idea why this is happening all of a sudden, but in the encrypted log messages we have been monitoring, there are a ton of “?” symbols showing up throughout all of it. Even though Omni-tan’s code is encrypted, locked, and impossible for us to change, the “?” is showing up everywhere. There is one word that we have noticed appearing over and over. When asked, Omni-tan didn’t know what we were talking about, so we assumed it had been nothing more than an error code she had been generating this entire time...but we were wrong. She has to have been trying to tell us something. We know absolutely -nothing- can exist in the Omniversal Matrix without the World Forge Hammer creating it, but there is something in there with her and we don’t know what it is yet...or if it’s dangerous.

OMNI LABS LOG: 1/10/19
We finally found out how all of this started. We were able to view some past records of Omni-tan in the Omniversal Matrix. She was creating random stuff like always when something appeared out of nowhere that she didn't make. It was a big green box with a question mark on it. She happily opened it and then looked disappointed when nothing was inside. After that is when she started acting strange. We tried to riddle out what was in the box and the only thing that makes any sense is a virus that's altering her programming; but, if that's the riddle, then what is GLITCH?

Emergency! All of the monitors have lit up with a countdown timer and warnings that there is a systems crash imminent!


Whatever is going on, it's now affecting the Omniversal Matrix itself and we have no idea how to stop it or if we even can. If we can't, the whole system is going to crash in just a few minutes and all that will be left is hardware with no life in it. Omni-tan will be gone and the Omniversal Matrix control will be routed to somewhere else. We will be forced to destroy everything so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Omni-tan is still acting like nothing is wrong and refuses to even acknowledge the situation! It's like she's being forced to not see it. All she said was that if there was anything wrong, which she adamantly denied, we'd know how to take care of her and she left.

Immediatly afterward, and for the first time ever since Omni-tan came into being, the World Forge operating system command line unlocked. There was only one option available to us and we hadn't seen it before in the original code we wrote - "GLITCH".

We didn't know what to do but there was no time left. With no other options availalbe to us, we activated it. The E-Gate pulsed with color and the landscape inside the Omniversal matrix broke into digital shards and fell apart. Everything turned green and floating question marks appeared everywhere and then exploded into cubes. All the montiors and lights in the room when dark and an explosion of intense, neon green light filled the opening and we all had to shield our eyes. When we could see again, there was something staring at us intently. It stood there for a few moments and then ran off into the Matrix. The lights and monitors came back on with no warnings and the World Forge command line was locked again. We only hope we've done the right thing and that Omni-tan will be ok.

GLITCH designed by Nytewell
Meet her at the Prints*esses booth in Studio Omni 2019 - Booth B5
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