OMNI FANDOM EXPO - Voltron Sleepover - Operation: Form Fortron!
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Voltron Sleepover - Operation: Form Fortron!
COSMIC LION COSPLAY is ending your night with a big Slumber Party Bash featuring your favorite Legendary Paladins!

Get ready for some fun games, crazy trivia, an intense Blanket Fort Building Competition, and a special raffle!
Pajamas are encouraged but not required. Bringing sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows for the fort building competition is also heavily encouraged!

COSMIC LION COSPLAY is a Florida based cosplay group with a range of talented cosplayers who have been cosplaying as far back as 2008. The group is comprised of both old and new friends who came together under the common love of cosplaying and doing group events.


Location: Main Events
Time: Friday: Midnight