OMNI FANDOM EXPO - MAY MAY'S MAID CAFÉ Courtyard Café Experience
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MAY MAY'S MAID CAFÉ Courtyard Café Experience - Presented by The Kawaii Company!

May May's Maid Café is place where cute Maids and Butlers service and entertain. Evolved from the concept of cosplay restaurants, our maid event will features staff dressed up in maid/butler costumes. Our hosts provide an array of entertainment for their Goshujin-sama (Masters) to enjoy, such as interactive games, group dances, musical performances, photo ops, etc. If you're interested in customer service, cosplay or Moe (cute) culture, this is the experience for you!

May May's Maid Café Courtyard Café Experience takes place in an outdoor only courtyard area that will allow you to meet our members, socialize, and enjoy refreshments with our maids and butlers.
Tickets: Coming Soon
Location: TBD
Times: TBD
Menu: TBD

Japanese Drinks and Desserts List: Information coming soon.

May May's Maid Café Rules:
  • Be considerate to those who are around you. Disturbance around you are strictly provided removal of guest(s)from the café, without refund/reimbursement will happen.
  • Exchanging of personal information both in and out of cafe hours is also strictly provided and will result in black listing of guest(s).
  • Physical contact without our Maids/ Butlers consent or harassment of any kind is strictly provided with result in removal without a refund/reimbursement and be black listed.
  • You must have a Current, Valid OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2018 badge or wristband to attend any events.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Again, violation of ANY rules will result in being black listed with not refund!


What is the Courtyard Café Experience?
Our event is outside with refreshment and entertainment. Ending with photography with our maid's/butler's and their special charm. Be treated like a master at May May's Maid Café Courtyard Café Experience.

Is the Courtyard Café Experience separate ticketed event?
Our dining is open seating. You may purchase refreshment and photos at the event.

What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept both cash and credit/debit cards.

Will there be more information posted about things going on during the event before OMNI FANDOM EXPO?
Yes. But we don't want give too much away for now. Shhh it is a secret ...

Do I have to have a OMNI FANDOM EXPO convention pass to get into any of the May May's Maid Cafe events?
Yes. You must have a valid OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2018 pass to gain entry into the Cafe.

Does having an OMNI FANDOM EXPO VIP/ Hotel pass get me into the Court Yard Café Experience for discount?
Yes, 10% off for either or off entry with proof of Omni Fandom Expo VIP / Hotel pass

What other panels are we hosting?
We will be hosting several one hour shows to give you a taste of what our outdoor cafe is like.

My group got split up! That's not fair!
We are sorry, but depending on how many large groups there are, we may not be able to accommodate them at only one table.

Can I get kicked out of the May May's Maid Cafe if I don't behave?
Yes. Anyone can be removed if necessary for breaking rules and/or causing a disturbance. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket if this happens.

Can I take my own pictures inside May May's Maid Café Event?
We are sorry, but you may not take pictures of our hosts during the show.

May I cosplay?
Yes. Patrons are more than welcome to cosplay. Please no oversized costumes though.

What is the dress code?
Your cosplay and normal clothes are fine also.

What if I have a questions? Can I write in and ask about it?
Yes. Please feel free to write us at


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