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Exhibitors List
Full Merchant List
A. C. White
Booths: A6
Description: Independent artist creating digital and traditional works of fandom and fantasy.
AJC Oeuvre
Booths: V8
Description: Canvases with handmade paintings consisting of cartoon, comic, anime, science fiction, nature, abstract, Impressionism, and more with media of pencils, pens, markers, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.
Booths: A14
Description: keychains, charms, pins, art prints
Calcifer Curse
Booths: A11
Website: http://
Description: Illustrations; prints and stickers Resin pieces; trays and keychains Screen printed shirts of original artwork
Booths: A10
Website: http://
Description: prints, bookmarks, buttons, keychains
Con Crew Studio
Booths: V3
Description: Con Crew Studio is a collection of female artists located in the South East of the United States. We focus on creating both original art and fan art inspired by anime, video games, and pop culture.
Conpacks Studios
Booths: V5
Description: We specialize in metal and paper prints inspired by the worlds of anime, gaming and pop culture.
Crafty Weavers
Booths: H7
Description: Embroidered Anime pictures, pillows and purses as well as other themed material purses. Handmade ornaments and earrings.
Delaney Rose Art
Booths: A4
Description: Enamel pins and accessories inspired by anime, video games, and otaku culture.
Devotee Couture
Booths: A0b
Description: Love a fandom and want to show it off with unique prints, buttons, stickers and MORE? Whether its anime, cartoons, video games or any popular media, we have the right Devotee Couture for you! The products we will have for sale at conventions are prints, buttons, stickers and keychains. All of the art we sell and promote are made by our two featured artists, Aurora Weed (myself) and Jack Orces. Both of us will be at the booth to take commission and sales. The collections we plan on bringing to the convention includes a very wide variety of anime, cartoons, and popular media (from the 80s to modern day). We will also have original pieces from both of our featured artists.
Escape Room Express
Booths: V13,  V14
Website: http://
Description: Pop-up escape room experiences that are family friendly. They provide a wide range of entertainment and puzzles that newcomers and experience escape room solvers can enjoy.
Fantasy Chibi
Booths: A0a
Website: http://
Description: Pins keychains and prints
Booths: A15
Description: Acrylic charms, Enamel Pins and Buttons
Floating Stars Studio
Booths: V12
Website: http://
Description: Home sewn items from clutches to plushies, original creations inspired by some of your favorite fandoms. Perfect items for home decor and everyday use.
Booths: V10,  V9
Website: http://
Description: Video Games, TCG, Table top games, Board Games, Figurines,
Hand Maid Cafe au Lait
Booths: H6
Description: Hand maid goods
Heart's Song Creations
Booths: H1
Description: Fandom accessories, keychains, stickers and more! Commissions will be available at the convention both digital and traditional.
Hoo? Its Claire
Booths: A17
Description: Prints, Stickers, Charms, Lanyards, and Buttons
Ichigo Art
Booths: H2
Description: Prints, charms, buttons, stickers, grab bags
Jolteon Juniors
Booths: V7
Description: We are an all things Pokémon shoppe, from toys and candy, to cards and plushies, gifts, one of a kind experiences, and artwork by some great artists buy, sell, and trade.
Kabirkill LLC DBA Geeks United
Booths: V1
Description: We sell t-shirts, hoodies, and prints featuring fan made and original art.
KaiAsch & SageofMagic
Booths: A1
Description: Two Florida Artists creating prints, buttons, stickers, and other original, fandom art and merch. &
Kaze Illustrations
Booths: A5
Description: Anime stickers, charms, and prints!
Kizmet Creative
Booths: V2
Description: Fandom inspired custom shirts, tumblers and doormats.
Booths: A2
Website: http://
Description: At Leggydeco, we sell fun and unique designs for anime/fandom merch inthe form of enamel pins, acrylic charms, acrylic stands, plushies, bags, prints and more! We pride ourselves in bringing cuteness and vibrancy into even the heaviest of shows and comics!
Booths: H3
Website: http://
Description: MagiaPony is a seller of all pop culture, Anime to video games. You can find wares related to Tekken, Horror Movies, Lisa Frank and Final Fantasy in a one stop shop of stickers, prints and on-site commissions! Magia also sells meme merchandise drawn by herself!
Megan Kotke Art
Booths: A3
Website: http://
Description: I sell prints of both original and fandom-inspired artwork. My prints come in poster sizes and postcard sizes. I have handmade buttons that are sold individually and in packs of three.
Booths: A12
Description: I sell handmade original art and fan art, resin accessories, polymer clay jewelry, stickers, charms, prints, and keychains.
Booths: A13
Website: http://
Description: Welcome to Mochaberrie! This is a little shop where you can find "geeky" cute merchandise personally made by myself, the owner. I'll be selling necklaces, earrings, prints, keychains, bracelets, pins, and more!
Monochrome Star
Booths: A16
Description: A corner of the universe filled with mysterious stories. Like a vivid dream, it leaves an lasting impression.
Booths: A18
Website: http://
Description: Nikkori is a jewelry company run by one hard-working woman who is passionate about all things kawaii. Nikkori sells primarily bracelets, ranging in prices from $1 to $6. The highlight of Nikkori is its custom bracelets. The custom bracelets come with up to three different bead colors, and any phrase in letter beads. Nikkori also sells charms, decorative jewelry boxes, homemade beads, and mystery boxes. Nikkori's aesthetic is bright colors and lovely transparent bowls.
Pure Alchemy Soaps
Booths: A7
Description: I create handmade soaps with RPG themed scents. Attendees can 'Create a Character' by choosing soaps that are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy role playing games. They pick a race, a class, and an alignment. Then each set is personalized with the character’s name written in calligraphy. I also make molded d20 soaps, liquid soaps/shower gels, and hand sanitizers packaged in apothecary potion bottles inspired by health, mana, and other potions typically available in role playing games.
Scarlett’s Witch
Booths: A20
Description: Orlando artist that explores all types of art making and storytelling with a bit of a witchy twist.
Booths: A21
Website: http://
Description: vinyl decals that can be used on cars, water bottles, laptops, etc. Handmade resin jewelry
Booths: V6
Website: http://
Description: We make custom t-shirts and hoodies. We also sell accessory, such as Ita bags and cute handbags.
Tinker's Caravan
Booths: V4
Description: Tinker's Caravan sells art supporting nerd culture such as canvases painted of DC, Marvel, and anime shows of all variety.
Uniglitter LLC
Booths: V11
Description: Our handmade cosmetic glitter gels are vegan and cruelty free! We sell 19g, 35g, and 55g single jars of all 59 glitter colors plus 6-color stacked jars for a convenient way to take your glitters on the go!
Vikings of Eclipse trading company
Booths: A9
Description: We are a company that sells all hand crafted products including, leather work, resin art, all organic hypoallergenic soaps, wood burns, jewelry, fans, and more. We travel the country working Conventions and renaissance festivals.
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