OMNI FANDOM EXPO - Exhibitors List (Vendors / Artists)
Exhibitors List
Full Merchant List
Amber Rae Art
Booths: B9
Description: Original Watercolor Artwork, Fan Art Prints and Watercolor Commissions.
Booths: A3
Description: I create original art and design that I print onto apparel. I would like to set up a booth to sell my apparel. ^^
Art may kill you
Booths: C8
Description: Pins, prints, stickers, bookmarks and more!
Booths: B5
Description: I sell adorable clip on tails and ears along with wearable plushy paws, everything is synthetic and not from real animals! Perfect rave wear or something to go with your cosplay, along with handmade keychains, buttons, bows, flower crowns, resin pieces and much more!
Booths: B1
Description: Handmade key chains and other goods such as posters, pins, stickers, make up bags and more!
Booths: C3
Description: posters! phone charms! zipper pouches! lanyards! notebooks!
Chubby Bunny Studios
Booths: C7
Website: http://
Description: Line of Geeky purses, wallets, accessories,and hand cut Shadow boxes
Creative Image Designs
Booths: C1,  C2
Description: T-shirts and Posters
Dragon Spice
Booths: B6
Description: Anime theme jewelry also some vintage. Watches and self published manga. Soaps socks
Eclectic Elathera
Booths: B5
Website: http://
Description: Eclectic Elathera is a geek chic arts and crafts business based in the Orlando, Florida area. Friends and family looking for a gift that’s just a little different, whether it is for a special occasion or just because, can rise to the occasion with geeky style and panache. Eclectic Elathera creates both original art and works inspired by popular fandoms. Art work is primarily papercraft shadowboxes, with additional media including vinyl, foam and resin for cosplay props. Ask Eclectic Elathera about bringing your own idea to life!
Family Game Night
Booths: D2,  D3,  D4
Description: Offering a huge variety of anime and gaming merchandise. Lots of plush! Tons of games! Board games, card games, anime and more! Visit our new store opening soon in Orlando, located just minutes from Omni Con! Family Game Night 8303 John Young Pkwy Orlando, FL 32819 (Walmart Shopping Center), at the corner of John Young and Sand Lake Rd.
Booths: B2
Description: Friends who love color and fluffy stuffs! Angitsai: New to the zone! Will be selling limited prints and will be taking in commissions! Feel free to stop by! LoquaciousLiterature: Come by to see custom dice boxes and I also sell prints!
Gamers Guild
Booths: A1,  A2
Website: http://
Description: Video Games, TCG, Table top games, Board Games, Figurines,
Gypsys Weavings
Booths: A1
Description: Chainmaile jewelry and accessories
Hidden Palace Games
Booths: D1
Description: Specializing in Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise, we strive to bring AUTHENTIC products worthy of being a part of your collection! We also carry an assortment of video games, consoles, and accessories. Also offers a large variety of Undertale, Sonic the Hedgehog, South Park, and Pokemon fanart swag such as prints, buttons, and pillowcases :)
Booths: B11
Description: Prints, comics and commissions.
Booths: C4
Description: Hitodama carries handmade jewelry, crafts, buttons, and art.
J & L Collectibles
Booths: B10
Description: action figures, trading pins
JPUS Enterprises Inc
Booths: B1
Description: japanese snacks and toys lots of Attack On Titan toys
Booths: D3
Description: I make polymer clay items, resin, decoden, soap, candles and other odds and ends!
Kaze Illustrations
Booths: C10
Description: Kawaii hand-drawn anime stickers and prints!
Lisa Villella
Booths: B4
Description: Original and fan art prints, buttons, and stickers!
Lunar Sapphire Arts
Booths: A2
Description: Artwork ranging from original to fanart. Prints, Posters and bookmarks.
Midnight Cafe
Booths: C2
Website: http://
Description: We sell prints,cell phone charms,pins,mystery bags,and stickers we also take commissions digital and traditional
Booths: D6
Description: I design jewelry and sell premade jewelry appropriate for costumes, steam punk items, sailor moon items, tiara's, crowns
My Faerietale
Booths: B6
Description: I make Pot People, which are one of a kind , handmade ,collectible figurines of Pop Culture Fandom characters. I also draw , and make jewelry and prints with my images.
Outlaw Custom Designs
Booths: D7
Description: Decals - Buttons - T-shirts and Embroidery
RadJinja Studios
Booths: C6
Description: Various rad merchandise such as prints, buttons, stickers, bags, charms and apparel featuring original art work by RadJinja.
Booths: D7
Description: Handmade bronze/copper jewelry, adornments, and art pieces
Booths: B3
Website: http://
Description: Wyatt Garland, or more commonly referred to as the Slaughterballer, is a speed gesture artist who specializes in creating lighting fast sketches of cosplayers in 5 min or less. 2min sketch-2$ 5min sketch-5$ 10min sketch-10$ 2min custom commission -2$ 5min custom commission -5$ 10min custom commission -10$ Single character inks-25$ Inked poster-45$ prints-10$ random sketches from bin-5$
Sugar Lagoon
Booths: A4
Description: Kitten Dreams and Pastel Things! Cosmically cute magical cats and other whimsical characters features on plush, apparel, accessories and more. Super kawaii jewelry and much more!
Surreal Makeup
Booths: B2
Description: Hand crafted mineral makeup that is perfect for cosplay, stage, theatrical, and everyday wear. We have Eyeshadows, Lip glosses, foundations, setting spray, uv makeup and accessories like holographic nail powder and brushes.
The Angry Mask Salesman
Booths: C5
Description: I make, sell masks and am angry.
The Sultry Bohemian
Booths: D5
Description: Custom Corsets and costume/anime cosplay accessories
The Wizards Wagon
Booths: B7,  B8
Description: We sell Kigurumis, POPs, models, anime and media collectibles, plush, cosplay items and more
Toy Bounty Hunters
Booths: B3
Description: We sell domestic and import toys that are Tokusatsu, Gaming, Anime, Movie, Cartoon, and Comic book related!
Booths: C9
Description: Novelty/Cosplay Aprons (Maid/Star Wars/Sailor Moon/Dr Who/Hello Kitty/Gaming/Marvel) - Steampunk Costume Accessories - Lolita Accessories - Steampunk Wood Creations - Gaming Themed Art - Lolita/Asian Wood Creations - Worbla Masks - Pokemon Hats - Quotation Plaques - Door Hangers (Also see - for some pictures of booth/products set up)
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