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Exhibitors List
Studio OMNI (Artist Alley):  Merchant List
Full Merchant List
Booths: C4
Description: original artwork prints and accessories
Andi s Imagination
Booths: C2
Website: http://
Description: I make print, necklaces , rings, earrings,T-shirts , and pins . I make original and fan art .
Art of Jayme Brown
Booths: B1
Website: http://
Description: Original and fan-based artwork and illustrations.
Booths: B5
Description: Creating original and fan art paintings, illustrations and comic. Dose on and off site art commissions.
C&C Baby
Booths: C6
Description: Japanese lolita inspired skirts and accessories
Creative Image Designs
Booths: C1,  C2
Description: T-shirts and Posters
Dragon Spice
Booths: B7
Description: Anime theme jewelry also some vintage. Watches and self published manga. Soaps socks
Gamers Guild
Booths: A1,  A2
Website: http://
Description: Video Games, TCG, Table top games, Board Games, Figurines,
Gypsys Weavings
Booths: A4
Description: Chainmaile jewelry and accessories
Booths: B3
Description: Handmade buttons, pins, jewelry, and art!
Booths: B4
Website: http://
Description: Traditional art depicting new concepts and familiar characters. My work is available as originals, prints, stickers,, buttons, or bookmarks
JPUS Enterprises Inc
Booths: B12
Description: japanese snacks and toys lots of Attack On Titan toys
KaiAsch & SageofMagic
Booths: A3
Description: Art prints, charms, stickers, bags, and other original fandom art and merch.
Kaze Illustrations
Booths: C1
Description: Kawaii hand-drawn anime stickers and prints!
Lisa Villella
Booths: C9
Description: Original and fan art prints, buttons, and stickers!
Loquacious Literature
Booths: C7
Description: Prints, Pins, Keychains
Lunar Sapphire Arts
Booths: A2
Description: Artwork ranging from original to fanart. Prints, Posters and bookmarks.
McBabe Market
Booths: C3
Website: http://
Description: Selling prints, keychains, stickers and more
Booths: C10
Description: Japanese anime inspired illustrations, merchandise and comics
Outlaw Custom Designs
Booths: D7
Description: Decals - Buttons - T-shirts and Embroidery
Booths: C8
Description: prints and commissions
Booths: C5
Description: As there are two artists involved we have multiple sites dedicated to our creations. We make fan and original character prints, tags, and charms that we sell exclusively at conventions. We also have an assortment of character pint skirts, We also offer on the spot original art pieces done for con attendees as long as the request falls under a pg-13 rating.
SEGAMew Studio
Booths: A1
Website: http://
Description: SEGAMew is a Florida based artist with a large variety of Undertale, Sonic the Hedgehog, South Park, and Pokemon artwork. Awesome art swag such as prints, buttons, charms, lanyards, pillow plush and pillowcases :) Also offers on the spot inked commissions in chibi and nonchibi styles!
Soda Pop Studios
Booths: B2
Website: http://
Description: Soda Pop Studios has a variety of items for sale such as self-published manga, art prints, commissions, stickers, and more.
This That and the Other Anime and Gaming
Booths: B6
Description: Anime Jewlery Plushies dads figures fidget spinners wallscrolls
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