OMNI FANDOM EXPO - Exhibitors List (Exhibit Hall / Studio Omni)
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Exhibitors List
Full Merchant List
A. C. White
Booths: A6
Description: Independent artist creating digital and traditional works of fandom and fantasy.
AJC Oeuvre
Booths: V8
Description: Canvases with handmade paintings consisting of cartoon, comic, anime, science fiction, nature, abstract, Impressionism, and more with media of pencils, pens, markers, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.
Artwork Anywhere
Booths: A3
Description: Hand painted suncatchers, plus digital art prints, buttons, stickers, magnets, and accessories featuring my original art.
Booths: A4
Description: Handmade key chains and other goods such as posters, pins, stickers, make up bags and more!
Chubby Bunny Studios
Booths: V2
Website: http://
Description: Line of Geeky purses, wallets, accessories,and hand cut Shadow boxes
Booths: A10
Website: http://
Description: prints, bookmarks, buttons, keychains
Conpacks Studios
Booths: V5
Description: We specialize in metal and paper prints inspired by the worlds of anime, gaming and pop culture.
Edgy Webhead Art
Booths: V10
Description: Custom, one of a kind spray painted silhouette pieces based on pop culture, animes, gaming, and more!
Gypsys Weavings
Booths: A9
Description: Chainmaile jewelry and accessories
Hannahmation Studios
Booths: A13
Website: http://
Description: Illustration-style artwork and fun fandom and fashion accessories
Hoo? Its Claire
Booths: A17
Description: Prints, Stickers, Charms, Lanyards, and Buttons
Jatudier & IfBatmanWereaJedi
Booths: A8
Description: Two artists selling resin charms, art prints, stickers, phone cases, and more! &
KaiAsch & SageofMagic
Booths: A1
Description: Two Florida Artists creating prints, buttons, stickers, and other original, fandom art and merch. &
Kawaii Your Life
Booths: V6
Website: http://n/a
Description: Kawaii Your Life is the most kawaii store offering anime and cosplay fans all types of original artwork in prints and stickers, handmade accessories, cosplay and fashion wigs, and much more.
Kaze Illustrations
Booths: A5
Description: Anime stickers, charms, and prints!
Kuzz Bunny
Booths: A7
Description: Cute designs, original art prints and fan goods.
Booths: A2
Website: http://
Description: At Leggydeco, we sell fun and unique designs for anime/fandom merch inthe form of enamel pins, acrylic charms, acrylic stands, plushies, bags, prints and more! We pride ourselves in bringing cuteness and vibrancy into even the heaviest of shows and comics!
Marcel Mercado
Booths: V9
Description: Original Art, Prints and Art book
Booths: V3
Website: http://
Description: Welcome to Mochaberrie! This is a little shop where you can find "geeky" cute merchandise personally made by myself, the owner. I'll be selling necklaces, earrings, prints, keychains, bracelets, pins, and more!
Monochrome Star
Booths: A16
Description: Monochrome Star is my corner of the universe, dedicated to comics with dark, dreamy, and magical themes. I sell original stories and illustrations. Come visit me and bring some magic into your world.
Booths: A18
Website: http://
Description: Nikkori is a jewelry company run by one hard-working woman who is passionate about all things kawaii. Nikkori sells primarily bracelets, ranging in prices from $1 to $6. The highlight of Nikkori is its custom bracelets. The custom bracelets come with up to three different bead colors, and any phrase in letter beads. Nikkori also sells charms, decorative jewelry boxes, homemade beads, and mystery boxes. Nikkori's aesthetic is bright colors and lovely transparent bowls.
Pins Over Flowers
Booths: A12
Description: An independent artist that mostly creates k-pop & anime enamel pins! I also design ita bags, buttons, stickers, and art prints~
Rachel Ward Art
Booths: V7
Website: http://
Description: Art prints and originals, pins, bookmarks, stickers, plushes
raraevey, llc.
Booths: V12
Website: http://
Description: Dbl Feature is a brand created by Laura Hammonds of Birmingham, Alabama. Products are designed by her, and focus on her love of ttrpgs, video games, and anime. Products created include enamel pins, apparel, stationary, and more!
RealDandy Art
Booths: V4
Description: Original and fanart prints, original comics, and buttons.
Booths: V11
Description: Original art and fanart of anime/video games/kpop groups as stickers, sticker sheets, hats, enamel pins, acrylic charms, buttons, lanyards, phone grips, washi tape, postcards, and posters
Sweet degree
Booths: A11
Website: http://
Description: Im an artist who is a beginner in the artist alley world but am learning more and more for each con. I make charms ,stickers, buttons, and custom comissions!
TeaRay Art
Booths: A14,  A15
Website: http://
Description: I sell Prints, postcards, Buttons, Stickers & Magnets!