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The Super Cafe - Presented by HISHE
The "Super Cafe" is a place where Super Heroes come to have a cup of coffee and share their commentary on everything from smart phones to the latest sagas in their lives.

Join us in your favorite Super Hero ( or Villain ) costume at the FIRST EVER LIVE Super Cafe as Daniel Baxter and Tina Alexander answer questions, share stories, and show presentations / demonstrations on their 10 years of doing the insanely popular YouTube Channel - How It Should Have Ended.

Of course, it wouldn't be the Super Cafe without a LIVE WORLD PREMIER of a HISHE!
That's right! Daniel and Tina will be showing a brand new HISHE and you get to see it FIRST!
Time / Location:
Saturday, March 4, 2016 - 3:00pm - Main Events.
Doors open at 2:45pm

Entry with No Food: Free with VIP or $5. [Available online and at the door]
Entry with Coffee and Dessert: $16.

Coffee and Dessert: Information coming soon.

Is this a separately ticketed event?

Will there be more information posted about things going on during the event before OMNI EXPO?
Yes. But HISHE doesn't want us to give too much away for now. Spoilers...

Where do I get tickets at?
Click here to get your Super Cafe tickets.

Will there be cheaper tickets that don't include Coffe and Dessert?
Yes, event-only tickets are available.

Do I have to have a OMNI EXPO convention pass as well as a ticket to the Super Cafe?

Does having a VIP pass get me into the Super Cafe for free?
Yes, it does! Coffee and Dessert is additional, however.

Will any of the Celebrity Guests be attending?
Daneil Baxter and Tina Alexander will be hosting the Super Cafe Live!

Yes! You will get to see a World Premier of a HISHE video before anyone else!

Can you tell me what the World Premier HISHE is going to be?
Not without having HISHE announce it first on their site.

When should I get in line at the convention?
The Super Cafe starts at 6:00pm; so, we recommend you are in costume, if you prefer, and in line outside of the Main Events room by 5:30pm.

Do I pick up my tickets at registration?
Yes, bring your emailed printout ticket(s) confirmation from OMNI EXPO to the Pre-Registration line in order to receive your corresponding event ticket(s). Don’t forget to have a form of Picture Identification with you (Driver’s License, State ID, etc..) in order to pick up your ticket(s).

Who do I show my ticket to so I can get in?
The event door guards will be checking your ticket in order to give you entry to the Ball.

All of my friends got Coffee and Desert tickets with me. Can I sit with my friends?
Placement of seating is not guaranteed. Please show up with your entire group and we will accommodate you as best as possible.

My group got split up! That's not fair!
We are sorry, but depending on how many large groups there are, we may not be able to accommodate them at only one table.

I didn’t purchase a Coffee and Dessert ticket but my friends did, can I still sit with them?
Unfortunately no, we must keep table seating reserved only for those whom purchased dinner tickets in order to keep it fair as well as easy for the hotel to know whom to serve.

Can I visit other tables?
After the Coffee and Dessert are served. You may get up and visit other tables if there is space.

Can I get kicked out of the Super Cafe if I don't behave?
Yes. Anyone can be removed if necessary for breaking rules and/or causing a disturbance. You will not be reimbursed for your ticket if this happens.

May I wear a costume?
YOU BET! This is the Super Cafe where all Super Heroes come to hang out. Best be careful if you dress as a villain though.

What is the dress code?
Super Hero / Villain costumes are perfect; but, for those who wish to keep their Super Hero / Villain identity a secret, normal clothes are fine also.

What if I have a question about my costume? Can I write in and ask about it?
Yes. Please feel free to write us at
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August 06 - 08, 2021
Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center Celebration Area
3011 Maingate Lane Kissimmee, FL
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