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The volunteer process for OMNI FANDOM EXPO is very simple: sign up, login in, choose your hours and then print out your work sheet for the convention.

Once you log in, you will be able to see all available voluteer times and select which ones you want!

OMNI FANDOM EXPO Ticket Reimbursement:
OMNI FANDOM EXPO requires you to be scheduled for hours 12 of work for a ticket reimbursement.
  • Sign up / login.
  • Select a total of 12 of volunteer/panel time.
  • Print out your work schedule sheet and bring it with you to the convention.
  • Buy a weekend pass or equivalent (pre-reg or at the convention). Single day passes do not apply.
  • Work all your hours.
  • Get a department head to sign off on your hours as you work them.
  • After you are finished working all of your hours, bring your work sheet to registration for your ticket reimbursement.
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