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OMNI EXPO's 2015 mascot, Omni-tan, was created and designed by Rocky Rivera "Onikama".

Onikama is an illustrator who claims to waste his paychecks on cosplay, doujin, figurines and endless merchandise. He also enjoys visual novels, MMOs, Kdramas and nearly everything in the anime community; his favorite fandoms being Dangan Ronpa, Tiger&Bunny, Magi and Nanatsu no Taizai. Bring him Reese's and he is yours forever.

Find Onikama on Facebook:

OMNI EXPO's original mascot, Omni-tan, was created and designed by Carolina Carreno.

She enjoys drawing, reading, playing video games and using the internet...(mostly tumblr). She also likes cosplaying and going to conventions...and her favorite manga is One Piece.

You can follow her on tumblr here:
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