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OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2021 Press Badge Information
OMNI FANDOM EXPO welcomes all members of the media who are involved in the sci-fi/fantasy, fandom, anime, manga, and/or entertainment industry. Press members may be employed with a major media company or independent contractors or professionals. The requirements for Press Badge registration are posted below and you may apply through our online form. Please allow at least 14 business days for your application to be processed.

We hope you can join us for OMNI FANDOM EXPO!

Due to the limited quantity of Press Badges available, OMNI FANDOM EXPO reserves the right to review all Press Badge applications and make selections that best fit the needs for our attendees, exhibitors, and Special Guests.

Should you be selected to receive an OMNI FANDOM EXPO Press Badge, it will give you the following access:

  • Access to the Exhibit Hall during show hours.
  • Access to panels and special events that are included to attendees without separate ticket.

A Press Badge will not allow access to cut in line for any panels or special events, and will not grant access to special VIP-Only events. It also does not grant special access to any room that reaches capacity prior to your arrival.


To qualify for an OMNI FANDOM EXPO Press Badge, you will need:

  1. To be a contributing editor, reporter, and/or writers for a current major print publication (newspaper, magazine) or digital media (website, blog), producer, photo/film crew or on air host for a current radio, television, YouTube channel (5000 subscribers minimum), or podcast.
  2. To have a valid picture ID.
  3. To be a minimum eighteen (18) years of age.
  4. To have filled out the Press Badge Application Form on the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website.

You DO NOT qualify for a Press Badge if you are:

  • A publisher
  • A sales representative
  • A freelance photographer
  • Any other non-editorial personnel
  • Creating a student documentary
  • A representative of a web site or fan magazine that does not publish Fandom news or convention reports.
  • A representative of a web site or fan magazine which has not been previously reviewed and approved by Omni Productions, LLC (web sites and fan magazines will not be approved at the convention)


Press badges are limited to:

  • One (1) Pass per qualifying podcast.
  • One (1) Pass per qualifying individual from a print publication, television and/or radio station.
  • A maximum total of Five (5) qualifiing YouTube channels will be given Press Badges. First come, first serve.


OMNI FANDOM EXPO will NOT issue Press Badges solely for those looking to only take photos or post videos about the event on a website, blog, or Youtube channel. Cosplay photographers can take pictures without needing a press pass and we reserve the right to deny such requests.

  • All Press Badges are non-transferable.
  • If you have a GROUP (more than one person) that is with your particular organization, EACH person will need to submit in their own application for review.
  • Press Badges will not be issued to family members or friends of those selected to receive an OMNI FANDOM EXPO Press Badge.
To help us make the most informed decision possible, please fill out the OMNI FANDOM EXPO Press Badge application completely and please include the following:

  1. Professional Press Credentials
  2. Names and Contact Information for Current and Past Media Outlets
  3. Sample of work
  4. Statement of Intent for OMNI FANDOM EXPO


  • A photo ID must be presented to obtain your Press Badge at the convention.
  • Press Badges will not be mailed.
  • All decisions by OMNI FANDOM EXPO are final and will not be up for appeal. OMNI FANDOM EXPO reserves the right to approve or decline any and all applications based on the needs of the Event, our partners, and our attendees.
*You must be logged into apply for a press badge.

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