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How to be a Cosplay Guest
I'm a cosplayer looking to be a Special Guest at Omni Fandom Expo. Is this possible?
Unless directly sponsored by Omni Fandom Expo, Cosplayers looking to be Featured Guests will need to adhere to the following:

  • Cosplayers looking to be guests at Omni Fandom Expo will need to be sponsored by an outside vendor / company that would pay for their entry into the convention.
  • Omni Fandom Expo will not provide hotel, transportation, or booth / table space for free.
  • Please email us with sponsorship information at
  • Once Omni Fandom Expo has received, verified, and approved confirmation of sponsorship, sponsored cosplayers will be listed on the Omni Fandom Expo website as "[Cosplayer Name] Appearance Sponsored By [Company Name]".
  • Cosplayers must provide, submit, and have approved a minimum of one panel / workshop per day of the convention in Omni Fandom Expo's online system. Time of day is selected by the Cosplayer.
  • Please note, all cosplayers must adhere to Omni Fandom Expo's ratings guidelines. Any photos of cosplays that do not adhere to this guideline will be asked to be removed by Omni Fandom Expo Staff, and any worn cosplays that violate will be told to change or cover up.
  • Promotion of R-rated and above materials will not be tolerated in open public areas.
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