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General Information
What is Omni Fandom Expo?
Omni Fandom Expo (formerly OMNI EXPO) is a founded-by-fans multi-genre convention event which takes place over one weekend a year. We cater to all fandoms, from Scifi/Fantasy, Gaming (including Tabletop!), Comics, Anime, and Pop Culture! We're your Spring Destination for geekdom and nerdkind alike!

Our staff are all fans from across the genre spectrum, and we're also all veterans in the convention industry. With over 100 years combined experience behind-the-scenes in both running our own events as well as assisting in other events, we've got a passion for making sure everyone has a fun and memorable weekend.

How long is Omni Fandom Expo? Is it a 24-hour convention?
Omni Fandom Expo is a three (3) day convention taking place March 9-11, 2018. Convention space opens approximately at 9:00am and closes at 2:00am.

Where is Omni Fandom Expo located?
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809

Located at the Florida Mall just minutes from the Orlando International Airport, The Florida Hotel and Conference Center, BW Premier Collection provides the perfect home base for business or leisure. Close to the Orange County Convention Center and Walt Disney World Resort, we are at the center of everything there is to do in Central Florida. Stay with us and immerse yourself in luxury and comfort as our knowledgeable, helpful staff assists you in completing business or enjoying your vacation.

Experience our exceptional features:

  • 511 well-equipped rooms and suites
  • Starbucks, Cricket's Bar and Marcelo’s Bistro conveniently located in our lobby
  • State-of-the art meeting, event and convention facilities
  • Friendly service and exceptional new business center
  • Heated pool and whirlpool as well as day spa services
  • Ranked among the Top Five Hotels in Orlando by TripAdvisor
  • Connected directly to the Florida Mall
How can I get a room at the official hotel? What are the rates?
Please see the Hotel page for information and rates.

Rooms at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center include the following amenities:

  • High speed Internet access
  • In-room refrigerator
  • 42" flat panel LCD TV
  • In-room movies and Web TV
  • Work desk
  • Hair dryer
  • Makeup mirror and full selection of bathroom amenities
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Coffee maker
  • Individual climate control
  • Electronic doorbell
  • In-room electronic safe
  • Room service from 6:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.
  • Handicap accessible rooms available

What is there available to do at Omni Fandom Expo?
Explore the Exhibit Hall and Studio OMNI, meet & greet with special guests, plenty of photo opportunities throughout the hotel and convention center, game with friends on your favorite consoles, view the latest and greatest of animation and sci-fi from around the world, dance the night away Friday and Saturday evenings, see some amazing costumes, with the possibilities of much much more!

As always, check the Online Schedule for all the latest information!

How can I know where everything is? Is there a map of the convention?
All information will be posted on the site as it becomes available. Also, maps will be available at the event location.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend?
There is no limit on attending the convention itself and tickets are available at the door; however, specific events may have an attendance cap due to room capacities and fire marshall code.

What is a convention?
A convention is literally defined as a formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates as part of a political party, fraternal society, profession, or industry. Today a convention tends to refer to an event which is based around a theme (ex: sci-fi, horror, bridal), practice (ex: lawyers, doctors, construction), or commonly appreciated medium (ex: movies, television shows, anime, video games), and in some cases an event can include more than one basis tied together (such as both a theme and medium - "Doctor Who", for example, is both sci-fi/fantasy and a television show). Conventions are also known as gatherings, assemblies, expos, conferences, meetings, and councils.

This is going to be my first convention, are there any tips you can give me?
Prepare to have lots of fun, meet new people, and create memorable new experiences! Also, keep an eye on the events and panels schedule, as sometimes volunteers put on "First Time at a Con" type panels with lots of tips and information!

I hear about people going that are cosplaying? What is that?
"Cosplay" comes from the combination of two individual terms: "costume" and "roleplay". The term was originally coined in Japan before taking hold over here and replacing "costuming". The key difference between "costuming" and "cosplaying" seems to be rooted in whether or not the person takes on the personality and traits of the character they are dressed as (hence the "role-playing" part of the word). Nowadays the two words are used interchangeably, and there seems little difference between "costumers" and "cosplayers". If you plan to wear a costume, be prepared to get photos taken, meet new people, and have lots of fun!
Is there going to be a costume competition?
Yes! The Masquerade Costume Contest is where you'll find cosplayers competing for the title of Best in Show! Please check out the contest page for more information!

Are there going to be Special Guests or Guests of Honor at Omni Fandom Expo?
Yes. All Guests are announced online on our website, but you can also find all the latest news on our Facebook and Twitter!

How can I get my favorite guest to come to Omni Fandom Expo?
Special Guests are chosen based on a variety of factors, such as: which sponsors are bringing them, availability, reputation, and popularity. As much as we'd love to get everyone's favorite Special Guest to join us, we have to work around their busy schedules. If a Guest is unable to come one year, that isn't to mean that we, or a sponsor, might not be able to have them come out the next year! Everyone has different requirements, and we will do our best to get someone to attend. Feel free to give us recommendations and we'll add them to the list to contact! Who knows, the next Guest we announce could be the one you asked for! Please keep in mind, though, that some Guests are extremely difficult, or even next to impossible with factors that are out of our hands, to bring out to our event.

What's the autograph policy for Special Guests?
This might vary depending on the Guest themselves. Some Guests might require payment for an autograph, while others do not. We do ask that all attendees please be courteous of others and request only one item to be autographed per attendee during autograph signing sessions.

Where can I get something to eat?
Didn't find something you like from one of our vendors in the Exhibit Hall? Well look no further, as there are plenty of places to get something to eat or drink from within The Florida Hotel & Conference Center! And if you can't find what you like there, you're only a few steps away from the food court in the Florida Mall! From kaitenzushi to pizza, you'll be hard pressed to decide what you like!

Is there a prop & weapons policy?
But of course there is! The short version includes no live steel, no sharp blades, no real guns, no tipped arrows, and that all props and weapons must be checked in and okayed by Staff at the Weapons Check by Registration.

For more information, make sure you read the Prop / Weapon Policies FAQ.

Are there are specific costuming rules?
Unfortunately, we do have to place a small restriction on costuming. These restrictions are as follows: nothing vulgar, indecent, or designed specifically to encourage hate or fearmongering; no skates/rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles. Be careful of large and oversized costumes and costume parts, such as wings and stilt-walkers. If you plan to have an oversized costume, please make sure you have a handler with you that can watch your back and help you out.

Anything else I should be careful of having with me?
No signs or paddles. And be careful with leashes and collars. While you can wear a collar that has a leash attached, anyone caught allowing another person to hold the leash will be asked to remove it for safety reasons.

Are there any rules for photography/videography?
Yes and no. All attendees, by purchase of a convention ticket, have agreed to have their photo taken and/or likeness used in future promotional videos and graphics and/or images by Omni Fandom Expo when taken by Omni Fandom Expo Staff. Any photography by attendees is at the right and consent of the individual attendee, Artist, Exhibitor/Vendor, and Special Guest. Photography and videography may be denied in an individual room, event, or panel at the discretion of the organizers or Omni Fandom Expo Staff. Be aware that some Exhibitors may not allow photography at their booths inside the Exhibit Hall. If someone has asked you to not take their photo and/or cease a current photoshoot, you are expected to stop immediately. Complaints of harassment will be taken seriously by Omni Fandom Expo Staff and may result in removal from the convention.

Is smoking allowed inside?
Omni Fandom Expo is a smoke-free event, within a smoke-free facility, as required by Florida State Law via the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (ss 386.201-386.2125). As the Official Hotel strictly follows this law and does not permit cigarettes or tobacco products inside the facility, Omni Fandom Expo can not allow them either. We ask all of our attendees to please remember that we are a family-oriented event, and want to make sure to not only appeal to but also respect all of our attendees, and know that there are no designated smoking areas inside the Official Hotel. If you are really feeling the need for a smoke, feel free to step outside and find the nearest designated smoking area. Attendees caught smoking inside are in violation of this policy and may be ejected from the Official Hotel. NOTE: The Official Hotel will place a fine of on any guest room requiring cleaning from smoking.

Regarding E-Cigarettes: Omni Fandom Expo regards that this policy also applies to electronic cigarettes or any alternative smoking product – they are not permitted and are considered the same as cigarettes.

How much is parking at the hotel?
Parking is free!

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