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Star Central Dance Festival
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Star Central Dance Festival Contest

Star Central Dance Festival brings the anime performers to YOU!

Cosplayers and dancers alike head to the stage to bring their characters to life in a concert lineup live at OMNI FANDOM EXPO!

SIGN UP NOW to Participate!

Location: Main Events
Time: Saturday: TBD
Contest Rules:


When and Where (Subject to Change): Stage Presentation: Main Events: Saturday TBD

What's Required to Enter:
All contestants / creators / models MUST have a current Omni Fandom Expo Badge (VIP Pass, Weekend Pass, Day Pass for the day of the contest, etc.), and must have their sign up form filled out.

Who may enter:
Anyone EXCEPT Omni Fandom Expo Owners, Core Staff, family members of Owners / Staff, Sponsored Cosplay Guests, Judges, significant others of any judges, or owners and family members of affiliated partners may enter (if you are not sure this applies to you, ask before you submit an entry).

How many people can be on a Team:
Teams are made up of one (1) to a maximum of ten (10) people.

How to Enter:

Please send an email to with the subject Star Central Dance Festival Audition.

The email MUST contain the following:

  • Performer/Group Stage Name
  • Legal first and last name of ALL members
  • Performer/Group Bio
  • Cosplays that you plan to perform in
  • The list of songs you plan to perform ( Soloist: 1 song, Group: 2 full version songs or 3 short version songs )
  • Single link to audition video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..any video showcasing dance/performance experience; doesn't have to be the dance for event)

After sending the email, you will be contacted and informed you if you have been accepted to participate.

It is not 100% necessary to perform any of the songs you have listed or the entirety of the songs you have listed but it is recommended.

Closing date for the applications is July 20, 2021.

Please email all questions to:

Finalists Entry:
All contestants will be notified no later than July 18, 2021 if not sooner.
All contestants that are chosen to perform on stage at the convention will be required to sign additional paperwork at Omni Fandom Expo. During this time, the contestants entering the show will also submit their Songs / MP3's.

If selected, performers will provide their song in MP3 format at the convention. You must have your MP3's with you with the file name formatted correctly

Please go to the Contest Signup (location TBD) at the convention and provide your music to the Contest Coordinator BEFORE the competition.

Filename Criteria (Only for On Stage Performances):
File must be MP3 format.
File must be on a USB Flash Drive. (Omni Fandom Expo will only copy your file and will not keep your Flash Drive).
File must be easily accessible in the root directory of the Flash Drive. Please do not bury your file in multiple directories.
Filename MUST follow the following format: Team Name - Song Order - Song Name.
Filename MUST contain underscores (_) instead of spaces ( ). Again, DO NOT put spaces between words, use the underscore.
Example: TeamAwesome_1_Toxic.mp3
Example: TeamAwesome_2_Bad_Romance.mp3
No special characters allowed (*&%!"', etc...).

Because this requires repeating: All content MUST comply with the Omni Fandom Expo General Guidelines, Code of Conduct, Prop / Weapon Policy, Kissimmee City ordinances, and Event Location guidelines. Nothing should exceed the PG-13 rating. This means no swearing, no depiction of sexual acts. Props are acceptable but must be approved by Omni Fandom Expo before the performance and must conform with convention prop guidelines.

Single performers will have a maximum time allotment of five (5) minutes. Groups will have a maximum time allotment of ten (10) minutes.
The MC (Master of Ceremonies) or Contest Host narration/introduction will not count towards the performance time.

All language, costumes, and dance moves MAY NOT exceed a PG-13 Rating.
Microphones will not be provided on stage for contestants to use.

The use of GLITTER, fire, flash powder, fake blood, fireworks, lasers, electrical flashes, smoke machines, silly string, or any other effect that may cause potential damage, by the entrant are PROHIBITED due to Fire Marshal and Event Location regulations. The use of any of them will / may cause immediate disqualification or removal from the convention. Please ask before you attempt to use any of these effects.
Do not throw any items into the audience (flyers, candy, silly string, etc..).
Do not leave debris on stage that cannot be quickly cleaned by stage hands in fewer than 10 seconds.

During your performance, interaction with the MC, Contest Host, Judges, any staff, or the audience is prohibited. Your team may not leave the stage during your performance.
Contestants cannot be in more than one group.


Is being in cosplay or performance outfits necessary?
Yes. You must perform in cosplay or performance outfits.

I have an element of my costume that is removed during performance. Is this allowed?
You must clear your performance with the contest coordinator first.

I want to dance to a song that has rated R language. Is that ok?
We're sorry, but all songs and performances must be within a PG-13 rating.

Can I choreograph rated R dance moves?
Again, we're sorry, but all songs and performances must be within a PG-13 rating.

Can I do a burlesque style dance with suggestive / erotic moves?
Nothing rated R is allowed. If you have to question it, it's better to not do it.

I really want to do a special effect but it involves silly string or better yet, GLITTER!
Silly string and glitter have been completely outlawed at Omni Fandom Expo by the governing laws of the Time and Space anomalies commission. It has been found that using such items may completely damage the time space continuum surrounding you and will result in your ejection of the Omni Fandom Expo localized timestream. In other words... NO! DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN. IN FACT, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THEM!

I am going to totally ignore the rules and do something incredibly cool like, use a rated R song, do rated R dance moves, throw glitter, shoot fire during my performance, or some other crazy thing that I think is super cool but the convention won't let me do it normally! It's an AWESOME surprise and the audience will love it, so I am not telling anyone including the Judges or the Contest Coordinator. Everyone will think it's so AWESOME that I will be forgiven and just win automatically CUZ THE AUDIENCE WILL LOVE ME!
While that might sound really AWESOME, and your routine might be really AWESOME, this idea could get you AWESOMELY DISQUALIFIED and then possibly (depending on what you did) AWESOMELY EJECTED from the convention and the hotel. We aren't even going to talk about how AWESOME paying damages, or the rules of Kissimmee City Ordinances are, or how AWESOME getting arrested for breaking them are. Sooooo... don't...

My entry was rejected and I didn't get selected. What do I do now?
We are sorry, but all decisions are final.

Can I modify my entry form after I turn it in?
No, you cannot normally modify your entries at the convention once they are turned in. You must speak to the Contest Coordinator directly and explain why it needs to be modified. Any such modification is up to the sole discretion of the Contest Coordinator.

What if I have large, props, and set pieces for my dance?
If approved, special arrangements for loading and unloading can be made for these items. Please consult with the Contest Coordinator AHEAD OF TIME (not at the convention) about your needs and if they will be allowed.

My team was better than everyone else and EVERYONE knows it why didn't we win!
Star Cenral Dance Festival is not a competition and is a fun show for the entire audience. Please bring your best dance moves and show the crowd the best time possible!

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