Short Film Competition
Contest Start Date: Wednesday December 21, 2016 12:00 AM
Contest Deadline: CONTEST CLOSED
Days Left: 0
Max Entries Per-Person: 3
Submit questions to:
  • Action Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Dark Matters
  • Documentary
  • POV / Found Footage
  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • avi
  • mp4
  • mpeg
  • mpg
How do I enter?
  • Register for an OMNI FANDOM EXPO account or log into your account if you already have one.
  • After you have logged in, go to the "Contests" section. 
  • Select "Short Film Competition
  • Click on "Submit Entry
  • Fill out the form completely. 
  • Hit "Submit" and wait until the file has fully uploaded. 
  • You may now preview, edit or delete your file from this area
Short Film Competition Contest OMNI FANDOM EXPO has committed itself to spreading love for all the great and often underseen films made on a dime and fueled by a love for cinema. Our Short Film Competition aims to seek out the best short work of all genres and styles and help to get that work seen and discussed by cinephiles everywhere.
Contest Rules:

Please note that these categories are only examples and suggested guidelines of the categories that may be awarded in the OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2015 Short Film Competition. Actual categories will be selected by the judges, based on actual entries received. For example, if no action entries are submitted, or only one or two videos that do not accurately reflect the theme of the category, an award for Sci-Fi/Fantasy may not be presented.

Entrants are to classify each entry under any one of the choices below:
  • Action Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Dark Matters
  • Documentary
  • POV / Found Footage
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Remember, these are categories of entries, not specifically awards.  Awards are added at OMNI FANDOM EXPO's discretion.

Upload Directions:
  • Register for an OMNI FANDOM EXPO account or log into your account if you already have one.
  • After you have logged in, go to the "Contests" section". 
  • Select "Short Film Competition
  • Click on "Upload Entry
  • Fill out the form completely. 
  • Hit "Submit" and wait until the file has fully uploaded. 
  • You may now preview, edit or delete your file from this area
What We Prefer You Submit:
  • Files encoded in 8-bit MP4 (H.264) formats.
  • Xvid, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and Divx can also be accepted.
  • Files averaging ~30MB per minute (200MB maximum total size).
  • Progressive/Non-Interlaced footage.
  • Two seconds of blank footage both before AND after your video.
Preferred Video Resolutions:
We strongly recommend submitting your video in the exact same resolution
that your source material is in, which is likely one of the following:
  • 640x480 (4:3, Square Pixel)
  • 1280x720 (16:9, Square Pixel)
What We WILL REJECT (or the file type is not an option - ie... don't try to upload it):
  • Any FLV, OGM, SWF, 3GP, WMV, MKV, VOB, or DV files.
  • Files encoded in 10-bit colorspace. (Please use 8-bit only.)
  • Video resolution less than 640x360 (16:9) or less than 640x480 (4:3).
  • Audio bitrate less than 128kbps and/or a sample rate less than 44.1khz.
  • Anything that requires an unusual degree of difficulty to work with.
  1. All entries must be received by 11:59 pm on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 to provide adequate time for judging.
  2. Each entry will be limited to a minimum length of one (1) minute and a maximum length of fifteen (15) minutes.
  3. Only three entries will be accepted per individual.
  4. Entrants unconditionally grant OMNI FANDOM EXPO eternal permission to use entries, to use, copy, share, and exhibit your submission(s) in any way, in part or in entirety, which may include purposes and usages unrelated to this event, and for promotional use on television, radio, in print, and at live events. Entrant grants this permission without any expectation of compensation or remuneration.
  5. OMNI FANDOM EXPO will defer to your genre choice where appropriate, but has final say over the categorization of your entry
  6. The video must fall within an MPAA rating of PG-13 or lower. No songs with racial content (deliberately expressing the superiority of one race over another), sexually explicit content, or the “7 words you can never say on television” (you can submit a video with “language” as long as you edit/bleep these words sufficiently).
  7. All major video formats will be accepted as long as the video is of clear viewable quality and the audio is clear and concise.
  8. OMNI FANDOM EXPO reserves the right to cancel the contest if no entries meet OMNI FANDOM EXPO's advertising standards.
  9. OMNI FANDOM EXPO does not accept international submissions.
  10. All judgments by OMNI FANDOM EXPO are final!
Possible Disqualification:

The following will not be allowed in the video and will disqualify you:
  • Video/Audio Quality: There cannot be severe video artifacts, macro-blocks, or severe interlacing, and the audio must sound clean and undistorted.
  • Studio Trademarks: Entries may not use studio trademarks or logos (e.g. Paramount, Dreamworks, Marvel, WB logos, etc). Parody Trailer entries may use modified green/red bands that do not mention the MPAA or its trademarks.
  • Rating: OMNI FANDOM EXPO determines your entry is over the PG-13 rating. (Do not argue! No exceptions!)
  • Date Requirement: Any entry created prior to one year before the date of OMNI FANDOM EXPO that has been publicly accessible online before that time or has ever participated in any other competition and/or exhibition before that time shall be deemed ineligible to compete.
  • Video Length: Normal entries must be longer than 1min, and shorter than 15min. Parody entries have no minimum duration. Parody Trailers may not exceed 3min 30sec.
  • Subtitles: Fan produced subtitles are acceptable if relating to the composition of the entry.
  • Watermarks and Logos: Entries must not substantially contain watermarks such as network logos, network “bugs,” or trademark overlays.*
  • Trolls: “Minimal Edit” entries that exhibit little to no editorial effort, such as an entry that contains large chunks of unmodified/uncut/unaltered video footage or entries deemed to be submitted in bad faith or that do not belong in the competition. Any entry that is deemed to do nothing but serve to waste the time of OMNI FANDOM EXPO.
(*) Exceptions may be granted for entries that use a logo, or watermark in a creative manner conducive to the video’s concept.

Instant Disqualification:
  • Dishonorable Participation: Entries that causes grief, harm, humiliation, or dishonor to others.
  • Lying: Participants who provide false or incomplete information on their entry to purposely mislead.
  • Plagiarism: Entering someone else’s (in part or total) video submission, without explicit permission, as if it were your own work.
OMNI FANDOM EXPO reserves the right to reject any video for any reason. Rules are subject to change. The editor will be contacted, as soon as possible, if major changes are necessary to make the entry suitable for screening.

Legal Disclaimer:

In consideration of participation in a contest, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the entrant, on entrant’s behalf, and on behalf of entrant’s heirs, successors or assigns, administrators and personal representatives, does hereby INDEMNIFY, FULLY RELEASE, FOREVER DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Omni Productions, LLC., and each of their respective direct and indirect subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and related entities, their respective directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, attorneys, shareholders and representatives, and each predecessor, successor, and assign thereof, from and against any and all actions, charges, claims, losses, costs, damages, expenses (including attorneys’ fees and expenses) and liabilities of any kind or character, whether known or unknown, in connection with, arising out of or in any way related to participant’s participation in the contest.

Thank you for your interest in the OMNI FANDOM EXPO Short Film Competition.

We hope to see you and your videos at the show!