Suicide Karaoke Competition!
Contest Start Date: Wednesday December 21, 2016 12:00 AM
Contest Deadline: CONTEST CLOSED
Days Left: 0
Max Entries Per-Person: 1
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How do I enter?
  • Register for an OMNI FANDOM EXPO account or log into your account if you already have one.
  • After you have logged in, go to the "Contests" section. 
  • Select "Suicide Karaoke Competition!
  • Click on "Submit Entry
  • Fill out the form completely. 
  • Hit "Submit" and wait until the file has fully uploaded. 
  • You may now preview, edit or delete your file from this area

Shadowfax's Suicide Karaoke Competition:  BIGGER - BADDER - BODACIOUSER!
* now with extra dinosaurs! XD

You can sing...BUT, are you good enough, or brave enough, to take the microphone when you have absolutely no idea what will happen when the music starts?

The Suicide Karaoke Competition is where you will be judged NOT ONLY on your singing ability and stage presence, but on your ability to survive for the length of your song!

Your worst performance nightmares WILL to come to life as Shadowfax (insert evil, maniacal background laughter) turns the Main Events Stage against you in the most unexpected and funniest ways possible! Can you keep your focus, your cool and your concentration together long enough to finish a song and be proclaimed THE BEST AT KARAOKE THERE IS

All we can say is be prepared for anything...
Contest Rules:
To be qualified for entry into the Suicide Karaoke Competition you must first upload a demonstration of you singing Karaoke. This may be either a video or an audio track.
Up to ten (10) finalists will be selected to perform on the main stage at OMNI FANDOM EXPO.

NOTE: All songs and performances must fall within PG-13 guidelines. OMNI FANDOM EXPO reserves the right to disqualifiy any entrants who do not follow this guideline.

Upload Directions:
  • Register for an OMNI FANDOM EXPO account or log into your account if you already have one.
  • After you have logged in, go to the "Contests" section. 
  • Select "Suicide Karakoke Competition
  • Click on "Upload Entry
  • Fill out the form completely. 
  • In the description of your upload, you MUST provide a list of five (5) songs you are prepared to sing on stage at OMNI FANDOM EXPO. These songs must be standard US Karaoke (no jpop / kpop / foreign).
  • Hit "Submit" and wait until the file has fully uploaded. 
  • You may now preview, edit or delete your file from this area
Finalists will be chosen by Saturday, February 11, 2017 and will be notified.
Time of the contest at OMNI FANDOM EXPO: Main Events: Saturday 2pm

  • One of the songs you have listed in your upload submission will be chosen for you at random. You won't know which one it is until the track begins on stage at the convention during your performance.
  • The song will be unedited and unchanged (we're not so sure about the playback though...)
  • You will be able to see the lyrics on your monitor throughout your performance.
  • At no point will you be touched, your view of the lyrics obstructed or your ability to sing impared (just don't let your attention wander too far...). Shadowfax can and will do anything he can to past that to make your performance difficult. The audience is NOT ALLOWED to help Shadowfax.
  • You will be expected to complete the song or go down trying! If you cannot continue and must stop during your song, you will be disqualified.
  • You will be judged by a panel of quasi-qualified judges and audience response.
  • Everyone will get something for participating (surviving) and the top three will receive *something shiny goes here*.
This is NOT a standard singing Karaoke competition as in it is meant to be difficult yet entertaining. This competition is meant to be in fun and not to be taken in any way else. Yes, you will have funny things happen to you on stage and people will laugh. If this compeition is not for you, please do not enter. We don't want anyone's feelings being hurt.

Can I wear a costume in my submission or on stage if I am a finalist?

Will there be a microphone for me to use?
Yes. However, there will be not headset mics available.

Will people laugh at me on stage?
Absolutely! This is Suicide Karaoke after all.

But I just want to sing. I will get my feelings hurt if people laugh.
Please don't enter this competition if you think you might get your feelings hurt by people laughing. We honestly don't want that to happen. This competition is for those brave, in some cases - foolhardy, souls who have no problems performing in front of others and making them laugh.

I understand that the audio and lighting may be messed with during my performance. Will anything else happen to me?
We can't say for sure; however, you are not allowed to be touched, folded, spindled, mutilated, shredded, repackaged or otherwise harmed.

Are audience members allowed to participate in helping?
No. The audience is there to enjoy the show and not help Shadowfax. We assume people will laugh, cheer, and shout things; however, they will be told there is a limit. If anyone decides they want to help or shout uncacceptable things, they will be asked to leave. After all, this is meant to be a fun competition.

Will liquid be dumped on me?
Absolutely not! We'd have to clean that up.

Can I provide my own music for the competition or do I have to bring it?
No. The music and lyrics will be provided for you based on the 5 songs you listed in your upload submission.

But I wanna sing my favorite J-pop / K-pop song! Can I do that?
No, this is for standard US Karaoke only.

Can I dance during my performance?
Sure. But you still have to sing.

Can I have backup dancers and do a whole production?
Nope. Sorry. This is a stand alone or fail alone event.

Can I throw things into the audience or have Glitter, Silly String, Fake Blood, etc...?
No. No. No. No. No. No infinity....

I'm AWESOME at Karaoke and no one can mess me up EVER! Do you have any advice for me?
Yes. Be brave. Be strong. Good luck. The better you are, the more Shadowfax will try to mess you up. Be ready for anything!

It was really hard and I couldn't finish the song. Am I disqualified?
Well, the goal is to actually survive and keep going till the end of the song. So, yes, you would be disqualified from winning.

If I win, will I be known as THE BEST THERE IS AT KARAOKE?
Of course, we could do no else. You will be the master.... Until next year... of course. ^_^