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Matthew Mercer
Voice Actor:  (Levi - Attack on Titan, Tygra - Thundercats (2011), Tony Stark / Iron Man - Marvel (various animated))

Matthew Mercer is a professional actor, writer, and film maker based out of Los Angeles, California.

Originally born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Matthew moved with his family to Southern California at the age of 8 and hasn't looked back. Being predominantly raised on cartoons and video games, his fascination with character voices and the performing arts continued through his youth into his High School years, where he became heavily involved in the Theater program. Continuing from there to Community Theater, branching into creative writing, and eventually landing his first voice over and film roles, Matthew had finally found his calling.

Matthew Mercer has since lent his talents to many animated shows, films, commercials, and video games, featuring his wide vocal range and warm speaking quality across a spectrum of characters. He has also begun a successful foray into film making, creating, producing, and directing his own New Media projects through Over The Canyon Productions and Walk of Shame Productions.

Matthew has been a guest at many conventions and events the world over, MCing and holding panels on Voice Over across North America and the United Kingdom, including Anime Expo, Anime Matsuri, Ikkicon, Mikomicon, and Ayacon UK. He enjoys imparting his own personal experiences, knowledge, and silly stories on any audience willing (or otherwise) to endure his infernal rambling.

In his spare time, Matthew is a self-professed Geek, enjoying many video games, films, and the occasional table-top role playing game.

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Robert Axelrod
Voice Actor:  (Voice of Lord Zedd - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Robert Axelrod has carved a career in show business that runs the gamut. Born and raised in New York City, he did commercials and theater as a child and teen, eventually ending up in the Soho Avant-garde Theater scene in a show called “Little Trips”, then Off-Broadway in a play called “The Destroyers”. Axelrod left acting for the world of music. He spent eight years as a working rock musician playing electric bass and singing in folk, rock, and soul bands. Music brought him to Los Angeles where he decided to return to acting, a decision he never regrets.

Since then, Mr. Axelrod has appeared in over thirty feature films including four with Charles Bronson, the Sci-Fi hit remake “The Blob” with Kevin Dillon and many others. Television appearances include guest star roles on “Amazing Stories”, “Star Trek Voyager”, “Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show”, and “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He also starred in the Michael Jackson music video “Stranger in Moscow”, and the horror dark comedy, “The Revenant”. His performance in the short film THE GOLDFISH is garnering rave reviews.

Mr. Axelrod is also a busy voice over artist. He is the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster on the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The Lord Zedd voice is one of the most recognizable character voices around. He voiced Armadillomon and Wizardmon on “Digimon, Microchip, The Punisher’s sidekick, on “Spiderman”, Rico on “Robotech”, and has voiced countless Anime features including “Akira”, “The Big O”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Brain Scratch”, et al. As Lord Zedd, he starred in both the first Power Rangers feature film and the wildly popular live show that toured the country. He was a regular character on Saban Entertainment’s “Wowser” series (as Ratso Catso), “Journey To The Heart of the World” (as Scarface), “Hallo Spencer” (as Elmer), and more. He just finished narrating the mockumentary “Safety First: The Rise of Women and voicing four Anime series, “Gaiking”, “Danguard Ace”, “Captain Horlock”, “The Adventures of Nadja”, and “Fist of the North Star”.

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Kyle Hebert
Voice Actor:  (Teen Gohan - Dragonball Z, Kamina - Gurren Lagann, Mitabi Jarnach - Attack on Titan)

Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Ryu), Street Fighter IV (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from Dragonball Z.

Other notable roles include Soul Eater (Masamune), Ouran High School Host Club (Kazukiyo Soga), Fullmetal Alchemist (Vato Falman), Tales of Symphonia (Richter Abend) and Star Ocean (Dias, Arumat, Crow). Kyle also provides voices in numerous video games including Final Fantasy XIII, World of Warcraft, Devil May Cry 4, Dynasty Warriors, and James Cameron's Avatar. He also provides online voice acting critiques.

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Grant George
Voice Actor:  (Gilgamesh - Fate/Stay Night, Suigetsu - Naruto Shippuden, Vyers - Disgaea, Ant-Man - Marvel's Avengers Assemble)

For more than a decade, Voice Actor GRANT GEORGE has been heard worldwide in popular Animation/Anime Series and Feature Films, as well as hot-selling Video Games and Interactive Toys.

Anime fans will recognize his distinctive, heroic voice from such titles as: Fate/Zero (Lancer), Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Night Rikuo), Kekkaishi (Gen Shishio), Naruto Shippuden (Suigetsu), Bleach (Izuru Kira), When They Cry (Keiichi Maebara), Fate/Stay Night (Gilgamesh), Zetman (Kouga), K (Rikio/Ichigen/Akira), Tokko (Ichiro Hanazono), Kyo Kara Maoh! (Ken Murata), Requiem from the Darkness (Momosuke), Code Geass (Sugiyama), Mazinkaiser SKL (Kiba), Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (Akamine), Fighting Spirit (Kimura), Initial D (Seiji/“Hawk”), Di Gi Charat (Rik Heisenberg), Ultra Maniac (Mikami & Shiro), Mouse (Mouse/Sorata Muon), Nodame Cantabile (Mine Ryutaro), and Eiken (Shima Kurosawa).

Recent Animation work includes: Recurring appearances on Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man (in a soon to be revealed super-cool superhero role!), Ever After High (Hunter Huntsman), the main hero in Mattel’s new Team Hot Wheels franchise, Zhu Zhu Pets (Dakota), DaGeDar (Zander/Jagg/SOL), Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (Randy Bravo), Disney’s Zou (Dad), Vitamin Bee (Bee), Kikoriki (Krash), Big Rig Buddies (Rocky/Stinky), Gormiti (Agrom/Lord Agrom), as well as Daniel the main antagonist in the 3D Feature Film: The House of Magic. You can also hear Grant as the voices of Batman, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and Taz for Hallmark talking merchandise.

Grant’s Video Game work exceeds well over 100 titles.  Most notable credits include: Dissidia Final Fantasy series (Warrior of Light), Soul Calibur III, IV & V series (Kilik), Disgaea series (Vyers & Axel), Disgaea Infinite, Prinny 2 and Trinity Universe (Prinny), Naruto Shippuden series (Suigetsu), Persona 3 & 4 series (Shinjiro & Jin), World of Warcraft: Rage of the Firelands (Shannox & Cyclonas), World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Cho half of Cho’gall), Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi series (Sun Jian), Dead or Alive series (Brad Wong), Captain America (Scorcher & Hydra Soldier), Dangan Ronpa (Leon Kuwata), Monkey Quest (Ghanee), Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Isa),  John Woo’s Stranglehold (Jerry), Resistance 2, Medal of Honor, Bioshock 2, Killzone 3, HAWX 2, Final Fantasy VII, XIII, XIII-2 & XIV.

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Jessica Gee
Voice Actor:  (Zhu Rong - Dynasty Warriors, Dejiko - DiGi Charat)
Veteran Voice Actor JESSICA GEE-GEORGE discovered she was a performer at the age of 2 when she grabbed her father’s smoking pipe, placed it in her mouth, and began to mimic a visiting family friend who garbled all of his words with a British accent. It was at that very second, she realized she could make people laugh and she loved it! So, that is what she and her golden pipes set off to do. Jessica begged her parents to let her be an actor, but they said, “No, pick something else.” So, she signed up for a skydiving class. But, that wasn’t gonna fly, so they agreed to the acting, as long as she paid on her own.

At 15, Jessica hopped the 76 down Sunset Blvd into the seediest area of LA for her first voiceover class. The moment she got there, she knew she arrived, and she has been hooked ever since.  Jessica has not only lent her chops to every corner of this business, from well-known brands, to feature films, to awesome video games and Anime series, but she has voice-cast and directed a plethora of amazing projects to boot.

Jessica’s Anime credits read like a “History of Anime in America”, dating back to the late 1980’s with such Classics like Akira and Sailor Moon. Other popular credits through the years include: Kanokon (Kiriko), DiGi Charat (Dejiko/DiGi Charat), Mazinkaiser SKL (Himiko), Kyo Kara Maoh (Sarafin, Belma), .hack//sign, Monster (Mrs. Hesse), Tweeny Witches (Atelia), Ultra Maniac (Plum), Detatoko Princess (Topaz), Eiken (Yuriko), Tenchi Muyo GXP (Kyo), Magic Knight Rayearth (Mira), Fafner in the Azure (Chisato & Mrs. Kasugai), Jungle De Ikou! (Manami), Metal Fighter Miku (Yoko), Hare+Guu (Dama), Mouse (Mei Momozono, Uta Yukino), Candidate for Goddess (Ikuny), Geneshaft (General Lindros, Luna, Ryoko), Apocalypse Zero (Aoki), Zenki (Karuma), A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (Miss Hanna), Devadasy (Takashina), Iron Virgin Jun (Jun’s Mother), Fushigi Yugi Eikoden (Mayo’s Mother), The Twelve Kingdoms (Old Woman), Gate Keepers (Mrs. Ikusawa), Shin Chan, Che Che Pong, Onegai Twins, The Big O, Tales From Earthsea, Elysium, Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Run and Mahoromatic.

Some of Jessica’s extensive work in Feature Animation and TV Series includes: Mattel’s Team Hot Wheels, Space Chimps, Fly Me to the Moon, The Land Before Time (TV Series and Films), Max Steel, PBS Kids Maya & Miguel, Little Big Panda, Disney’s Recess, The Angry Beavers, Disney’s Cinderella III, Cinderella 3D, The Nutcracker & The Mouseking, Baxter & Bananas, PVP: The Series, Fisher Price’s Precious Places, Phanton Investigators, Angel Wars, and The Little Polar Bear (Film Series).

Jessica is best known to Gamers as the tough and sexy Zhu Rong in the ongoing Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi Series. Other notable game credits include: Diablo III, Saints Row: The Third, World of Warcraft, Dangan Ronpa, Defiance, Disgaea 4, Everquest II, Final Fantasy VII, Legend: Legacy of Dragons, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Arcania: Gothic 4, Gothic 3, Lue, Hitman: Blood Money, Rumble Roses, PlanetSide, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Dungeon Siege II, Atlantica, Project Sylpheed and Digimon World Data Squad.

Jessica has also worked with Looping/ADR groups since she was a child, and continues to cast and direct projects. Her list of film and TV credits includes literally hundreds of titles. Sci-Fi and Horror Fans will especially appreciate her voicework in such classics as Battlestar Gallactica, Eureka, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dinotopia and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Jessica lives in LA with her well-acclaimed voice-actor husband Grant George, their 2 sons, and dogs Mike and Booth!
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Steve Downes
Voice Actor:  (Master Chief - Halo (series))

Millions of fans already know Steve Downes' legendary sound as the voice of one of the world's most beloved heroes: The super Spartan cyber-soldier--Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 from Bungie Studio's top selling HALO video game series for Xbox. But countless many have also heard this epically talented VO extraordinaire as the exclusive voice for the Carnival Cruiselines national ad campaign and as narrator for The Discovery Channel's hit show--The Shark Attack Files.

Steve Downes has been in commercial voice since 1990. He has provided voices for several video games. His first experience in voice acting for video games came in 1999 when he played the role of Gunnar in the video game Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator by Valkyrie Studios. Despite the relatively minor role, his performance caught the attention of the voice acting director and music composer of the game, Martin “Marty” O’Donnell. When Marty began working on the video game Halo: Combat Evolved at Bungie, he invited Steve to voice the game’s main character, Master Chief.

Some of Steve's other voiceover credits include Sears Craftsman Tools, International Truck, Comerica Bank/Michigan and the Chesapeake Energy TV campaigns, just to name a few. And Steve's exceptional and acclaimed voice work doesn't stop at the monumentally successful Halo game series and these fantastic commercial, promo and narration spots…

Over the years Steve has spent some of his down time as Chicago's favorite radio host from 97.1 FM WDRV, “The DRIVE,” and he's recognized, across the country, as the host of two exceedingly popular nationally syndicated radio programs: The Classics and The Wine Experience. The producers at 97.1 FM WDRV call Steve Downes a national rock 'n' roll radio icon and proudly claim that “Steve's on-air delivery and vast music knowledge not only protects The Drive's creed of 'Respect The Music', but also furthers it.”

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Jen Taylor
Voice Actor:  (Cortana - Halo (Series), Princess Peach - Nintendo (Various))

Jennifer Lee “Jen” Taylor is an American voice actress best known for her role as Cortana in various Halo games, Zoey in Left 4 Dead and the Xbox 360 game 1 vs. 100.

Jen Taylor’s first voice role was Sunny Day in Backyard Baseball. Since 1999 in Mario Golf, she has voiced Princess Peach and from 2001 Toad in various Mario games. More recently, she has voiced the role of Zoey in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, Cate Archer in No One Lives Forever 2 and Jessica Cannon in the episodic FPS SiN Episodes. She also plays the voice of Keira Stokes in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. She also worked alongside David Scully on both Saw and Alien vs Predator 2.

Taylor also provided the voice of Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey in the Xbox and Xbox 360 Halo video game series. For the Legendary Edition release of Halo 3, Jen Taylor filmed The Cortana Chronicles: In Search of Fandom, in which she traveled across America meeting fans of the series. In 2002, she performed the audio version of Elizabeth Berg’s novel, True to Form. She is also the voice talent for the character Chloe in the Hoyle Board and Card games series. Jen recently has taken the voice of the co-host of 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live. In 2007, Taylor worked alongside Holter Graham in the Halo: Contact Harvest audio book.

An accomplished stage actress, in 2007 she performed in starring roles in both the Book-It Repertory Theatre adaptation of The House of Mirth, and the Seattle Children’s Theatre production of Afternoon of the Elves.

In 2012, she played Eliza Doolittle in a Seattle Shakespeare Company production of Pygmalion. In 2013, she played Miss Casewell in the Village Theatre production of The Mousetrap.

In 2004, she also appeared in the feature film Inheritance, her first film role, as Abbey.

She appeared in one episode of Leverage as Jodie McManus in 2010. A sought-after audiobook narrator, Taylor has read “Perfected By Girls, a novel written by Alfred C. Martino, named to the list of ‘Best Children’s and YA Audiobooks for 2012' by Sound Commentary.

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Carrie Savage
Voice Actor:  (Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Mokona, KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple - Miu Furinji)

Carrie is super happy to be coming to Anime Expo and can’t wait to meet everyone! Some of Carrie’s newer roles include include “Millia” in Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, More Ikki Tousen (recorded with all your favs from both NY and CA, and some from TX, courtesy of partnership between lovely Funimation and New Gen for this project! Yayyyy!), lovely bad girl “Otohime” in Maken Ki!, the ever continuing Fairy Tail, more Railgun, Aquarion Evol, sweet little Chiara in Shakugan no Shana 111, “Kukuri” in K, and a little but very fun part in Fate Zero! Carrie’s oldies but goodies include… from California: "Fuko" in I, My, Me! Strawberry Eggs, "Rakka" in Haibane Renmei, “Hakufu” in Ikki Tousen, “Nancy” in R.O.D. the TV, “Maromi” in Paranoia Agent, “Shima” in Stellvia, "Nina" in Ultra Maniac and others such as Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Marmalade Boy, Gankutsuo, Dear.S, GunXSword, Ergo Proxy, Girl’s Bravo, Texhnolyze, Melody of Oblivion, Tsukihime, Sakura Wars the Movie, Dangaizer 3, Aguarian Age the Movie, Monsters, Ghost Talker's Day Dream, Vampire Knight, Squid Girl, Durarara, and Modoka Magica. Her Texas characters include “Mokona” in Tsubasa Chronicles, and XXX Holic, “Miu” in Kenichi, “Rihoko” in Witchblade, “Asta” in Trinity Blood, “Penny” in Shin Chan , “Solty” in Solty Rei, “Angol Mois” in Sargent Frog, “Lisanna” in Fairy Tail, as well as roles in other shows such as Bamboo Blade, Romeo X Juliette, School Rumble, Linebarrels of Iron, Kaze no Stigma, Sasami, Moon Phase, Rumbling Hearts, Murder Princess, Shuffle, Ragnarok, Mushishi, Samarai 7, Full Metal Alchemist, Suzuka, Hell Girl, Origin “Spirits of the Past”, One Piece, Ouran Host Club, Black Blood Brothers, Negima, Darker than Black, Tower of Druaga, Aquarion, Shikebane Hime, Baccano, Strain, Dragonaut, Soul Eater, Sasami, Tower of Druaga, Xeno Saga, Chaos Head, Heaven’s Lost Properties, Corpse Princess, D.Gray-Man,… and the list goes on. She has also had a fun time voicing characters in video games such as Street Fighter X Tekken, Disqaea 4, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Final Fantasy 7 “Crisis Core”, Suikoden 5, Tales of Legendia, Romancing Saga, The Dynasty Warriors Series, Culdcept, Rumble Roses II, and Star Ocean 4 "The Last Hope", Ar Tarnelico, Trinity Universe, and more recently Altelier Rorona, Mugen Souls, and the list is always expanding, but.. as always, she can’t talk about the new ones! In the past, she joyously got to be the voice of 2 “My Little Pony” toys; Baby “Skywishes” and a singing T-pot! Carrie has script adapted for such shows as School Rumble, and Shuffle, and was also lucky enough to get to directed episodes 1-4 of Shuffle, as well as just a little occasional directing on various other shows.

Carrie is currently unfathomably, inhumanely busy with this most awesome school in NY “Circle in the Square Theatre School” ! Even though she had an extensive background in theatre and some film even before her very first voice acting job, and has had training throughout her life, this super, super intensive school that includes some beloved singing and dancing, ROCKS and anyone who wants to be an actor should absolutely check it out!!!! She studied there for the summer in 2011, and is now back for the 2 year program because it so completely ROCKS! (Ok, personally, if you wonder, the Muscular Dystrophy makes living in NY and the heavy schedule with school, notably the physical classes, very challenging.. but this is something I always wanted, so I just won’t let anything stop me! And school is wonderful about helping when something is physically is too much, and when I must push through!) During School she is continuing with all the voice acting she can, whenever she can, and conventions during breaks!!!!

Carrie has also enjoyed the unique task of being able to travel in order to help struggling children and adults in developing countries when funding could be raised to do so. She has done this in such places as Portugal, Russia, Romania, Mexico, the Philippines, Africa and often, some parts of the US.

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Ellen McLain
Voice Actor:  (GLaDOS - Portal, Gipsy Danger AI - Pacific Rim)

Ellen McLain is an opera singer and voice actress from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She provides voices for many characters in several video games from Valve. Among them are GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence antagonist in Portal (for which she won an AIAS Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance) and Portal 2, the announcer in Team Fortress 2, and the voice of the Combine overwatch for the Half-Life 2 series.

Ellen McLain is the only person to have her voice in all the games in the Orange Box. McLain sang the ending credits song to Portal, “Still Alive” and Portal 2, “Want You Gone”, both written by Jonathan Coulton. She also sang the opera-style turret song featured at the end of Portal 2, referred to by fans as the Turret Opera.

Ellenis married to John Patrick Lowrie, a fellow voice actor, who also worked on the video games Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. In Half-Life 2, her husband voiced a citizen who assists the protagonist. In Team Fortress 2, Lowrie plays the Sniper. John is also a science fiction author.

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Amrita Acharia
Actor:  (Irri - Game of Thrones)

Amrita Acharia is an actress of Nepalese-Ukranian heritage. She grew up in the UK & Norway & trained at The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts in London. Since graduating, Amrita has appeared in The Devil’s Double directed by Lee Tamahori & played IRRI in HBO’s Game of Thrones, amongst other Television and theatre credits in the UK. She is the lead in upcoming Norwegian indie film, ‘I Am Yours’ alongside Ola Rapace (Skyfall).

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Michael Coleman
Actor:  (Happy - Once Upon a Time)

Michael Coleman is a North American actor, best known for his role as Happy on ABC's Once Upon a Time (2011).

Michael started performing in high school, sneaking onto local stand up stages through the back door and credits a memorable conversation with Robin Williams, who was in town filming Jumanji (1995), as motivating force in his pursuit of acting full-time.

Michael has also played memorable characters on Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe and Eureka.

As a voice-over actor he has performed in hundreds of commercials for radio and television and has voiced roles on over two dozen series and video games. Selected credits include; X-Men: Evolution, Hello Kitty, Inuyasha, Dragonball Z, Mary-Kate & Ashley in Action, Hamtaro, Gundam Seed: Destiny and Transformers.

Michael's feature film directorial debut was the movie Best Day Ever: Aiden Kesler 1994-2011 (2011). He has written three comedy pilots, other features optioned and is a trained editor.

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Darrel Guilbeau
Voice Actor:  (Mikado - Durarara!!, Viewtiful Joe - Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

Darrel Guilbeau is a Los Angeles based actor who began voice acting in 2004. Most recent roles include Amaimon in Blue Exorcist, Rikuo in Nura:Rise of the Yokai Clan and Mikado in Durarara!! seen on the Cartoon Network. He has voiced the lead roles of Gainer Sanga in Overman King Gainer and Ichitaka Seto in I"s and I"s Pure. Other popular roles include Souske Kawara in Samurai champloo, Osamu in Paranoia Agent, Satoshi Hojo in Higurashi, When they Cry, Hikari in The Melody of Oblivion, Kouji in Buso Renkin, Tandor in Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, Shinya Yanagasawa in The Prince of Tennis, and Sejuro in Zoids Genesis. He has also lent his voice to such anime as Bleach, Boys Be..., Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion & R2, Cyborg 009, DearS, Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig, GunxSword, Kamichu!, Kekkashi, Koi Kaze, Rumiko Takahasi Anthology, Space Pirate Captain Herlock, and Stellvia.

In the video game world he recently voiced Yue Jin & Xu Shu in Dynasty Warriors 8. He has also voiced Viewtiful Joe in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and UMVC3, Layle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:The Crystal Bearers, Wylfred in Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, the Main Ceptor in Culdcept Saga, Taishi Ci in Dynasty Warriors 6, Nagamasa Azai/Mitsuhide Akechi in Warriors Orochi 1 & 2, Lekius in Dawn of Mana, Werman/Duran in Avalon Code, Shu in Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow as well as various voices in Radiata Stories, Legendary, Fantasy Earth Zero and Turning Point:Fall of Liberty. ??He has also done voiceovers for live action films, most recently as the golden retriever puppy Snoozer in the film Golden Winter with Hayley Duff and in the Scifi film The Gunrunner Billy Kane. Other films include Red Water with Lou Diamond Phillips, Witless Protection with Larry the Cable Guy, Bam Bam & Celeste with Margaret Cho, and the Korean comedy Attack the Gas Station.

As an actor, he has had roles on stage, screen, TV, the Web and in commercials. Recently playing Dr. Coleman opposite other anime notables such as Vic Mignona, Todd Haberkorn and Mythbusters' Grant Imahara in Star Trek Continues now online. Darrel has also had roles in Windtalkers directed by John Woo, Alias with Jennifer Garner, The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow, Nickelodeon's Victorious, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, You Snooze You Lose with Jamie Farr, Saved By the Bell, Lauderdale, Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2, and Murder in Law among others.

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Christopher R. Sabat
Voice Actor:  (Vegeta, Piccolo - DragonBall Z, Cross Marian - D.Gray-man, Kitz Weilman - Attack on Titan)

Christopher R. Sabat has lived on a diet of Senzu Beans for nearly 15 years. As the Voice Director for "Dragonaball Z" as well as the actor behind Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Mr. Popo, Kami, Jeice, Recoome, Korin, Burter, Shenron, Zarbon, Guru, Porunga, and countless others, you could possibly say he is the voice of "Dragonball Z". Christopher currently owns Okratron 5000, a game audio and voice-over production studio in Dallas, Texas.

Christopher has also leant his voice to countless other roles in the anime and videogame world including Alex Luis Armstrong in "Fullmetal Alchemist", Roronoa Zoro in "One Piece", Ayame Sohma in "Fruits Basket", Saiga Tatsumi in "Speed Grapher", Kurogane in "Tsubasa Chronicles", Daisuke Jigen in "Lupin III", Garland in "Dissidia: Final Fantasy", Rundas in "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption", Alex D in "Deus Ex: Invisible War", and both Captain Smiley and Star in "Comic Jumper".

When not in the studio, Christopher tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife Tabitha and his brand new baby girl, Hero.

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Chris Patton
Voice Actor:  (Greed - FMA & Brotherhood, Asura - Soul Eater)

Chris Patton has been Voice Acting in Anime for fifteen years, for ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, Seraphim Digital, and Okratron 5000. All told, he can be heard in over 185 Anime series, movies, and ovas.

Some of his roles have included Asura in Soul Eater, Sousuke in Full Metal Panic, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist, Sato in Welcome to the NHK, Ikki in Air Gear, Sho in Guyver, Ichiro in Nerima Daikon Brothers, and Hajime in Ghost Stories.

Most recently, he's voiced Keima in The World God Only Knows, Kai in Demon King Daimao, Kaoru in Kids on the Slope, Tashigawara in Another, Perseus in Campione, and Soushi in Inu X Boku SS.

Other credits include roles in Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (Daley Wong), Saint Seiya (Andromeda/Shun), The Galaxy Railways (Manabu), The Place Promised In Our Early Days (Hiroki), RahXephon (Ayato), and many more.

Chris has also voiced over 60 Audiobooks, a bunch of commercials, a handful of video games, and has been a stage actor since the age of nine.

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Kara Edwards
Voice Actor:  (Goten - Dragonball Z)

Kara Edwards is a voice actor, aspiring photographer, guitar-player wannabe, and is mom to the world's cutest dog. She's most well known for voicing Goten and Videl in "DragonBall Z".  Additional credits include Nymph in "Heaven's Lost Property", Christine in "Mass Effect: Paragon Lost", Teddy in "Last Exile", Celica in "Solty Rei", Murugu in "Yu Yu Hakusho", Mina in "Darker Than Black", Patty Baldwin in "The Sacred Blacksmith"…just to name a few.  

Outside of anime, Kara can be heard on TV and radio voicing projects for clients such as Barbie, Nintendo, Thomasville Furniture, Coca-Cola, Sports Illustrated, Lord & Taylor, and many more!  She also voices and produces monthly audio versions of the popular children’s magazine Highlights High Five and Ask Arizona for  For more information, check out

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John Patrick Lowrie
Voice Actor:  (Team Fortress 2 - Sniper)

John Patrick Lowrie was born in 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Boulder, Colorado. At 16 he left home to make his way as a singer/guitarist/flautist/trombonist in a rock ‘n’ roll band, sleeping in parks and communes and getting to know several hippies. Surviving the draft, he graduated with highest distinction from the Indiana University School of Music and for a few years managed to make a living as a composer and guitarist in his acoustic fusion duo The Kiethe Lowrie Duet, garnering critical acclaim and opening for people who were much more famous than he was. He then decided to become an actor because the pay was better and the work was steadier. To this day he remains the only person he knows of who has done this. He met Ellen McLain, his wife of twenty-four years, in Arnhem, Holland on a European tour of a Broadway show and started his acting career in Palermo, Italy telling jokes to an opera house full of Sicilians who didn’t speak English. Success continues to dog his heels like an angry Pekinese.

John and his wife now reside in Seattle, where they divide their professional time between acting in live theater and voice acting for computer games and radio dramas.

Camel Press released his first novel, Dancing With Eternity, on September 1, 2011.

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KaiserNeko - Team Four Star
Internet Personality:  (Team FourStar - Cell, Trunks)

American playboy, industrialist, editor, and thousandaire playboy Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs took the internet anime parody landscape by storm in the late 2000s with the premiere of TeamFourStar. After being kidnapped by a group of foreign and domestic terrorists (Curtis Arnott and Nick Landis respectfully) he was forced to develop the project in a cave, with a box of scraps. Over the years, however, he has advanced the production to greater heights than any of them imagined. Besides being a co-founder, co-writer, and editor, he provides the voices for King Kai, Trunks, Burter, Korin ,Yajirobe, Garlic Jr., Zarbon, and various side characters in DBZ Abridged. He's also provided voices for indie videogame projects and the professional MOBA-game Heroes of Newerth.

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Lanipator - Team Four Star
Internet Personality:  (Team FourStar - Vegeta, Piccolo)

After being forged in Asgard, Nick "Lanipator" Landis was deemed too powerful to be contained! Thus, he was banished to Earth, where he became an Actor/Entertainer destined to make people laugh and fill them with joy. From an early age he honed his vocal skill and acting prowess through many a lesson and play. He would go on to be better known as one of the co-creators co-writers and co-stars of Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged (In which he plays Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Shenron, Mr.Popo and others). He's also lent his vocal talents to MOBA-game Heroes of Newerth. Nick shall continue to refine himself and his craft until he is deemed once again worthy of returning to Asgard under the banner of Lanipathor!

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Takahata101 - Team Four Star
Internet Personality:  (Team Four Star - Nappa, Kid Buu)

Discovered buried in a block of ice up in the Northwest Territories of North-North America (otherwise known domestically as Canadia), Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott (otherwise known as Internet Hearthrob Takahashi~) was brought into this world with the soul intention of spreading laughter and protecting his heartland. After acclimating to the world of today and putting on his first pair of women's jeans, he became Captain North-North America (again known domestically as Captain Canadia) and aimed to be a world renowned voice actor, entertainer, and cosplayer! He is currently a co-creator, co-writer and voice actor for Team Four Star, as well as a voice for many other parody series. His most notable roles include Nappa, Bardock and Super Kami Guru, along with many other DragonBall Z Abridged characters, along with Dartz and Krump in YGOTAS. His professional gigs include the Sake Sake monster in the dub of ZETTAI MUTEKI RAJIN-OH and the Soldiers in Dust an Elysian Tail.

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James Dempster
Actor:  (Actor / Producer)

James Dempster is a hard working actor/producer currently based in Altamonte Florida. Born in Detroit Michigan, Mr. Dempster has been all over the place over the years but really found himself in the summer of 2012 when he decided to take a stab at acting. As a background extra in a zombie film, he quickly got the bug and started pursuing his dream. In his first year alone he has starred in several feature films, TV series, and commercials all over the florida and georgia, carolina area; and, has since branched out to become a full time "working actor".  Some of his credits to date include two featured spots in "The Originals" on the CW network, a cameo in the upcoming "SpongeBob The Movie Part 2,  "The Last One" - A Post Apocalyptic Thriller,  and also the cult web cosplay short "Punisher Outbreak".

Chris Berman
Author:  (Science fiction author and military historian)
Chris Berman is a science fiction author and military historian. Berman has five books in print, with a sixth, Das Bell, to be released in April of 2014. His first venture in the genre of horror, Condosaur, was released in late June of 2013. Chris’s writing has been acclaimed by individuals such as science fiction authors Ben Bova and Brad Linaweaver, as well as commander of Apollo 14, Ed Mitchell, and military historians and aviation authors, Bill Yenne and Dr. Reina Pennington.

Chris Berman holds a master’s degree in military history. In addition to being an author, he has an extensive background in astronomy, and is highly knowledgeable about both the United States and the Russian space programs.

Look for more books from Berman (When the North Wind Blows, and A White Star in a Red Sky) in late 2014 and early 2015.
Toni Darling
Cosplay Guest

Hailing from the Empire State, Toni Darling busted into the cosplay scene at the Zombie Bikini Contest in downtown Mesa, AZ in January of 2012. Like a goober, she dressed up as a cowgirl zombie and with that she paved a path of her own in the local geek community.

She is now a professional cosplayer who travels the country as a guest at dozens of comic and gaming conventions. She loves table top games, comics, cult films and kittens. You have most likely caught a glimpse of her demoing games, or in front of the video camera working with various networks like Geek News Network, Geekssociated Press and Bleeding Cool's "The Weekly Bleed". An entrepreneur, Toni also produces The Cosplay Calendar which has produced national and local editions that have been sold across the country AND co-owns a cosplay fitness program called Hero Elements, that combines fitness and nerdiness to promote health and wellness in both the cosplay and geek community. Her most notable cosplays include Thor and Lady Death, and you can find out more about her work and ridiculous geekery at or on

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Ryan Frye
Cosplay Guest

Ryan Frye is an actor, musician, cosplayer, goof-ball and lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy. His passion for making people smile led him to discover the cosplay community 2 years ago and he's been hooked ever since.

He has been touring the convention scene raising money for Feeding Children Everywhere. He is also a member of the non-profit group Costumers With A Cause who help to raise money for kids in need. In his spare time he creates videos for his youtube channel EveryDayThor. Ryan most enjoys bringing costumes to life by remembering the "play" in "cosplay" and continuing to hone his costume making skills.

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Rick Stafford
Cosplay Guest

I have been costuming all my life as Halloween like a lot of costumers has always been a favorite holiday. Any excuse to be a character was a draw to me. But as I got into my adult life after collage, LIFE got in the way and I got fewer and fewer chances to do costumed events. That all changed when my 6 year old Son was diagnosed with Leukimia. His confines of a hospital led him to watching a lot of Cartoon Network and he got hooked on a series of 5-10min Star Wars animated shorts at the time called The Clone Wars. These clips later grew into a full multi seasonal series. So my Son, Christian, started wanting to know more and more about the Star Wars Universe and as a Child Who Watched all of the original movies in the Theater, I felt it my duty to bring him up to speed. So over the next couple of years, my Son and I became Jedi padiwan and Jedi Master. We both dressed as Jedi in the hospital and practiced meditation and light saber dueling techniques up until he died at age 8. After that I had two groups called the 501st and Rebel Legion participate in his Celebration of Life Event and after which I was asked to submit application to both. I joined and then went into a whirlwind of costume making that served as my therapy to my great loss. After a few years with these two groups, I joined another costuming group that allowed my other fandoms to shine and I did more and more charity events as characters from all kinds of different shows, movies and books. I had run an Ironman Triathlon and so my friends started calling my Ironman Rick, and when I met someone who was selling an Ironman suit, I jumped on it. I even wore the suit at the athlete dinner the night before my second Ironman. The suit weighs 85lbs and so was not an easy costume to always wear at events as it took a dedicated handler to be with me at all times. So I was asked to be Aquaman as I looked the part and with all my swimming and SCUBA Diving experience, defiantly lived the part. I became well recognized as Aquaman and so I have spent a lot of time enhancing my costumes until I finally came up with my latest version which is a full leather armored version of King Aquaman. To date, I have over 35 complete costumes that range from Sci Fi, to Historical, Horror , Video Games, and Super Heroes. I hope to be costuming for many years to come. My Son Never Got To Grow Up......So Why Should I!!!

Ryuu Lavitz
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

Ryuu Lavitz is a twenty-one year old, video-game loving, anime nerd from Massachusetts. With only a year under her belt, she has already created costumes for InuYasha from (InuYasha), Pikachu & Raichu from (Pokemon), Lara Croft from (Tomb Raider Reborn), Rikku from (Final Fantasy X-2), Trainer Misty & Trainer Touko from (Pokemon), Harley Quinn from (Batman), Lust from (Full Metal Alchemist), Black Cat from (Spiderman), a Female version of Link from (The Legend of Zelda), a portrayal of Red Riding Hood, and Black Canary. She's known mostly for her Pikachu, Harley Quinn and Rikku Cosplays. She spends most of her time creating cosplay outfits, when she's not at her full time job. Her favorite games include Starcraft, Mortal Kombat 9, Left 4 Dead 2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics (among other FF games), Okage, Dark Cloud and many more from the Original and Super Nintendo.

Ryuu focuses on creating her costumes from materials that most people could find and afford, unlike materials as expensive as Worbla. Her reasoning for this is to show that any one can cosplay, no matter the budget, and have a good time doing it. Cosplaying is not a profession, but a hobby for her. She sells prints on the side of her regular job to help support her creations.

Princess Kitana Cosplay
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

A native to Southwest Florida, Lauren started Princess Kitana Cosplay in early 2013. With over 15 years of martial arts experience, including taking the gold and bronze medals at the International Martial Arts Championships in Russia, Lauren is most inspired by tough, female, fighter characters. Her most well known cosplay is as Princess Kitana from Mortal Kombat.

Proud to be a nerd, Lauren loves all parts of the sci-fi, fantasy, & comic community. Lauren's favorite part of cosplaying is seeing the looks of excitement and joy on children's faces when they get to meet & interact with her character. To learn more about Princess Kitana Cosplay, please visit her Facebook Page:

Joel Xero
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

Joel Xero is an aspiring voice actor, Impressionist, Youtuber, & cosplayer who is originally from Brooklyn, New York and now resides in the state of Florida. He has been cosplaying for 2 years and has been attending conventions for 3.

His very first convention was Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2011. He attended the event for the sole purpose of meeting one of his inspirations, actress Felicia Day. Their encounter was indeed a memorable one to say the least. Joel happened to have been wearing a snap shirt that day and Felicia thought it would be funny to rip it open! The amazing experience was caught on camera and is a popular video on YouTube. (See it here:

The convention experience led Joel to meeting other celebrites such as Christopher Lloyd, Kevin Sorbo & many others. One of the main attractions for him besides meeting celebrities was cosplay. He had so much fun taking pictures of/with some of the amazing cosplayers who were attending the event. The experience inspired him to try cosplaying for himself and the rest is history.

Joel cosplays for the pure fun of it! What he enjoys most about cosplaying is bringing joy, laughter, and smiles to the faces of convention guests. Joel also enjoys bringing life to the character that he is cosplaying as. So, if you happen to run into him at a convention, don’t expect to meet Joel Morales the man, expect to meet the character that he is cosplaying as!

Thomas McCarthy
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

Thomas McCarthy was born in Bronx, New York. He moved to Florida at the age of five. Thomas has always been interested in marital arts and studied Tae Kwon Do, earning a red belt. He was not overly impressed by the exhibition- style martial arts and moved on to Wing Chun earning a third level red sash in Siu Nim Tao. Shortly thereafter he also completed two certifications in stunt training at the New York Action Film Academy, hosted by Michael Depasquale, Jr.

The training he received developed into film making, fight choreography, stunt work, and costume and mask making. Which inspired Thomas to make his current classic Scorpion costume. His friend and nephew both were so impressed that the both commissioned him to make them a classic Sub zero, and Reptile. Thomas is now currently working on a commission for a concept version of Sub zero for a customer. Thomas is also looking foward to making all different styles from different genres.

What got Thomas into cosplaying was his friend who he made the classic sub zero for when he saw the videos that his friend uploaded on you tube from wizard world and a new found interest in cosplaying was born.

Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

I am Grifter and I have been cosplaying for over six years now, but it wasn't until my first convention, "Boston Comic Con" in 2012 that I realized I could do it all the time instead of just Halloween! In 2012 I started a cosplay commission business "Grifter's Custom Creations" and I started cosplaying full-time!

I love to cosplay as it gives me an outlet to create my art, to show things to people and to convey ideas through different characters. I am partial to Captain America due to his deep-rooted beliefs in patriotism and care for both his team-mates and his fellow man. He is a symbol of hope, something I strive to be to those around me.

Cosplaying isnt just costuming, or roleplaying, its a way of life, through which we identify with the traits of those we look up to and we show that to the world around us. Also, I just really like making stuff....

Master Emily Chief
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia)

Hello everyone, my name is Emily Leon, but I usually go by MasterEmilyChief.

I am a professional cosplayer, model, gamer, artist and promoter. In my spare time I like to game, watch anime and ride my motorcycle. I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA and currently reside in Little Rock, AR. My love for cosplay started in 2010, but I did not officially appear in costume until April of 2013 at Dallas Comic Con. My first cosplay was Lady Deadpool, and after the wonderful experience of taking photos, meeting celebrities, and purchasing merchandise, I fell in love with the whole scene. If I had to pick a style, I love to genderbend cosplays, yes that's right, I like to make female versions of male characters. Some of my costumes I have created include: Lady Bane, Female version of the Tom Hiddleston Loki, Female Ichigo, Tifa Lockhart, Female Ironman, and so much more!!! Since the beginning of this journey, I have grown so much as an artist. I have won master craftsmanship, prop, and character representation awards, and I am looking to continue down that path. My family and friends are always to thank, and also my amazing fans who have always supported me.

Check me out!

Destinee Pryde
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by iNerdia Entertainment)

Destinee Pryde is a dedicated and motivated cosplayer based out of central Florida. She is Graduate from the University of South Florida and will be starting graduate school this year to become a Veterinarian. Since her start in the Cosplay world, Destinee has been invited to numerous events as a special guest cosplayer, as well as being interviewed and displayed in multiple publications.

From her female Riddler to her beautiful recreation of Tigress from the Thundercats, Destinee Pryde delivers a great performance as well as designs and recreates each costume and prop down to the molding.

Destinee loves to do cosplay because it is a fun way to play and act as someone else for a short time. She has been able to become some of her favorite Super Heroes and Villains from the comics and movies she has interest in such as Deathstroke, Firefly, Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, Batman and more.

In 2014, Destinee was invited with her sponsor company iNerdia Entertainment to Tampa’s Fanboy Expo where she was greeted with a smile from two of her favorite Firefly actors while wearing her Mechanic Kaylee Cosplay. After which the convention became her favorite event to this day and she cannot wait till it returns next year.

You can join Destinee Pryde Cosplay on her fan page at (

Rob Sims
Cosplay Guest:  (Professional Marty McFly Impersonator / VA - Sponsored by Coulombe Enterprises LLC.)

Rob Sims is a Orlando based actor. He has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years. His specialty is voice impersonations his favorite is doing Marty Mcfly. As a young actor Rob has always look onto Micheal J Fox as his inspiration from Alex P. Keaton, Teen Wolf to Marty Mcfly. With being an avid supporter of the Micheal J. Fox foundation is where he meet Bruce Coulombe at a BTTF event. Rob went to work for Bruce at Coulombe Enterprises  where they specialize in not only creating Delorean Time Machines but all types movie cars.
They are the "Legends for all Occasions" .

Rob has also done events for New Yok Life and Microsoft as well as voiceover work for iHeartMedia, 104.1, and 101 WJRR.
Rob was also  a finalist in an impersonation contest on ABC's LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Check out Rob's Facebook page here!

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Internet Personality:  (Singer, Songwriter, Voice Actor, Comedian, and Internet Personality Extraordinaire!)

Anthony Kroze Kresky is a New Jersey escapee (We've tried to push him back into his bottle but have had no luck thus far) who specializes in new media production and promotion. He has recently entered the realm of professional voice acting.

A frequent innovator, voice actor, game designer/coder and talent spotter, over the years Kroze has been involved in many internet related shows such as Red vs. Blue, Team Four Star, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, Eden: The Zhang Chronicles, Loading Ready Run and their charity "Desert Bus for Hope", as well as many smaller excursions in both creative and management positions within said productions. Kroze also helped create the popular Halo 3 gametype "Grifball" which went on to become a lasting addition into the hit Halo video game franchise in the succeeding entries of the series. In his spare time, In the past, Kroze wrote for  the popular culture website where he has interviewed many manner of actors over the years. Kroze also considers himself a comedian despite how many times being told just making puns all the time doesn't actually make him funny... or even liked... (He tries to use Hal Sparks as a defense but lets face it, does anyone REALLY enjoy Hal Sparks? REALLY?). Currently, Kroze can be found performing with his new geeky rock project: Survivors of the PC. Kroze is also the co-host of Name Not Final, a weekly radio show and podcast which takes a look at video gaming, bleeding edge technology, and popular culture from an inside perspective.

To this day we still have no actual clue how Kroze is still alive.

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Silly Filly Studios
Internet Content Creators:  (My Little Pony Fandom Animators)

Silly Filly Studios is an international motley crew of over 20 amateur animators, artists, writers, and voice actors who are known for their animated fanworks based on the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Some of their best known works include "Snowdrop," "Donut Steel," and "Luna's Cutie Mark," , and they are planning on presenting their latest completed project, Fall of the Crystal Empire, at OmniExpo. The group also has plans to begin their own original work, but will probably never lose their love for the show that brought them all together.

Meredith Sims
Internet Personality:  (Voice Actress/Writer)

Meredith Sims is a voice actress found in several internet and new media projects. She began her professional work as a voice artist in the fan game “Fighting is Magic”, and has since helped to write and voice in several cartoons made under the studio “SFS Animation”, including the fan film “Snowdrop”. She can be found acting out anything from a spunky Neko Atsume cat to the fearless fighter Undyne, and writing animation scripts concerning Pokémon pet shames, steely donuts, and Overwatch…even though she’s never gotten to play it. More recently, she can also be heard in the game “Heroes of Newerth” as Chiang Mai and the Nian Guardian Moon Queen, and will be featured in the upcoming “Starswirl Academy” visual novel.

Courtney Thompson "ProjectSNT"
Internet Personality:  (Voice Actress/Comedian)

Courtney Thompson, better known as ProjectSNT, is a voice actress that got her start doing voices for "SFS Animation," such as Pinkie Pie, a psychotic Sylveon, and even an overpowered Temmie. She has also lent her voice to characters outside of SFS, such as Dr. Doe in "Dr. Doe's Chemical Kitchen," and Betty from the popular Undertale animation series "Glitchtale." Her own YouTube channel has gotten some attention recently, thanks to two major series she does: "Sylveon Trolls," where the aformentioned psychotic Sylveon roasts and pokes fun at other Pokemon and sometimes YouTube comments, and the SNT series, where she talks about and reviews old Sonic OC comics and stories that she made when she was very young.

Callie Cosplay
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by Iron Raven Tattoo Company)

Callie Cosplay is the alias of international costumer, Leah Pennell. While attending school for her Bachelor's Degree in Music Management, she began building her repertoire of cosplays after first dressing up as Black Widow for The Avengers movie release in May 2012. Leah loved the feeling of being in costume and the positive effect it had on the people around her. With her past love for all things geek, including superheroes, Leah was enthralled by the cosplay community. Within months, she had built a fanbase online solely based on her dedication to making costumes and having shoots. Callie Cosplay soon became a well known name in the cosplay scene. She is an official Geek Girl, has been named in the top 100 Sexiest Women Alive for Smart Mark Radio, held the title of "Queen of Cosplay" for many different websites, has a plethora of features and interviews all over the web, and was recently featured on the front page of her hometown newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel. Callie's portfolio consists of over 50 costumed characters, all of which she has diligently crafted and modeled. She broke into the convention scene last July at SuperCon, where she was a featured guest. She has appeared as a guest at Geek Fest in South Florida, AltCon in Tallahassee, Heroes and Villain's Free Comicbook Day in South Florida, and South Carolina Comic-Con. Her professional booth appearances include MegaCon in Orlando and WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. Her future professional guest appearances include Phoenix Comic-Con, Philadelphia Comic-Con, Ocala Comic-Con, Tampa Bay Comic-Con, Chicago Comic-Con, C4 in Ventura, CA, and Anime South in Northern Florida. She will also be taking the role of Black Widow in September for "A Night in New Orleans: Marvel" sponsored by CosCouture and showcasing many well known and talented costumers.

“On a day-to-day basis, I strive to improve what I do, how I do it, and with increasing experience. My goal is to make people smile – to entertain people and make a difference. By doing this, I aspire to bring each and every character to life. Know the character, love them…BECOME THEM! Not some fake, drastic rendition of what they stand for…but who they are, really. My dream is to make these amazing creations of great minds come to life.” - A musician, a writer, a model, an artist, an obsessed superhero fanatic, cosplayer and cosplay enthusiast (of course) and a lover of all things geeky. 

Tamara Lynn Sytch "Sunny"
Entertainer:  (Professional wrestling manager/personality/wrestler. Sponsored by Dandera Entertainment Inc.)

Tamara "Tammy" Lynn Sytch is an American professional wrestling manager, personality, and wrestler. She achieved her greatest success under the ring name Sunny within the World Wrestling Federation during the 1990s, and is considered the "Original Diva". She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. She also performed under her real name in Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Dandera Entertainment Inc. DEI is bringing The Original WWE Diva & 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee "SUNNY" to the OMNI EXPO! She will be for autographs & pictures at the DEi booth.

Al Snow
Entertainer:  (Professional Wrestler)

Al Snow is an American professional wrestler and actor. He is currently signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and is best known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. Al appeared as a coach on WWE Tough Enough (then called WWF Tough Enough) during the show's first three seasons.

Dandera Entertainment Inc. DEI is proud to announce TNA / WWE / ECW , Al Snow to the DEi booth at OMNI EXPO. Al Snow will be joining Original Diva Sunny at the booth with the 2015 Hovering Time Machine.

Scotty 2 Hotty
Entertainer:  (Professional Wrestler)

Scott Ronald "Scotty" Garland (born July 2, 1973) is an American firefighter and professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment under the ring names Scott Taylor (1991-1999) and Scotty 2 Hotty (1999-2007). During his WWF/WWE career, Garland held the WWF World Tag Team Championship, WWE Tag Team Championshipand WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.

Bruce Carr "No Ordinary Balloon Man"
Entertainer:  (Master Balloon Artist)

Bruce Carr aka No Ordinary Balloon Man is a professional award-winning balloon artist currently living in Clermont, FL serving the Central Florida area and beyond. He has had a life long love of all things in the realm of what he calls “nerd swag” and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making people smile. This professional balloon artist has been making balloons since the age of twelve.

Bruce has entertained and built balloon creations for companies such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Kennedy Space Center, Geico, Build-A-Bear, Dunkin Donuts, Belk  and Chick-fil-a. Bruce is also a full time balloon artists for a multitude of restaurants including Chuy's, Joe’s Crab Shack and Texas Road House,through the balloon art companies Twisted Artz and Balloon World Orlando. He is also an entertainer for parties and events throughout Florida and the Eastern United States, including Colossalcon in Ohio, Screw Attack Gaming Convention in Texas, Mobicon in Alabama and many more. Bruce combines balloon art, acting, singing and puppetry to construct beautiful lightweight costumes to delight attendees of any large event. Bruce has even won costume awards at the Florida Supercon, Holiday Matsuri, Omni Expo, Ultracon and Chibi Pa, becoming a fan favorite at many fandom conventions. Bruce’s work has been recognized in social media and made into countless memes featured on such websites as Kotaku, MTVgames and Know Your Meme (Balloon Solid Snake and Balloon Colossal Titan) Equestria Daily (Balloon Party Favor Pony and Balloon Bridge) and Cartoon Network (Balloon Finn and Jake).

As a performer, Bruce has collaborated with other amazing artists for unique balloon performances with Grammy Nominated punk rock band Green Jellÿ and with Pecach Pictures "Pony Meets World"as "Human Discord". Bruce has recently had large balloon projects sponsored by Qualatex, the world's leading balloon art company. Bruce encourages individuals with Asperger Syndrome to pursue their goals and dreams via his panel “Twisting Up the Odds”, performed at The Hartwick Symposium and other conventions. He also supports terminal kids in need with the Children's Miracle Network via The Grand Brony Gala.

You can find examples of his work through his website!

Or Social Media!

Instagram @Noordinaryballoonman87

Twitter @Ball00nManX


Entertainer:  (Anime Historian / Commentator, Video Track Programmer)

Justy (Mark Dmuchowski) has been a fixture on Florida's anime fandom circuit since the mid-1980s. He started one of the first anime fan clubs in the state in 1987 and has programmed video rooms and hosted countless panels at many anime and sci-fi events over the years, most notably for over 20 years at Tampa's long-running NECRONOMICON science fiction convention. Panels he has hosted on multiple occasions include The Anime/Animation Guilty Pleasures Panel, and most recently an Anime Timeline panel.

Justy has been a huge fan of AMVs since they first started appearing and regularly screens some of the newest and best ones he comes across at cons each year. He is not only a fan of anime, but also of animation in general, including classic and current television cartoons and feature films.

His long-time involvement in anime fandom has allowed Justy to amass a stockpile of knowledge about anime history and a very unique perspective on anime's evolution and growth since its infancy in the U.S. as a fringe grass roots movement to the mainstream fandom it is today.

Paul Steen
Industry Guest:  (Convention Venue/Location Expert)

Paul Steen is a site selection expert working with HelmsBriscoe Performance Group who assists clients in finding/locating the most suitable venues/hotels/convention centers for their events.

He accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the Hotel & Resort Industry prior to joining HelmsBriscoe (the global leader of meeting procurement) in 2002. After receiving a degree in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Paul excelled and worked in the Food & Beverage departments of Doubletree Hotels, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and Marriott Hotel Corporation. The Food & Beverage operational experience led him to be Director of Catering for the Los Angeles Athletic Club where together with Club Management he coordinated the nationally televised "John Wooden Award" for best college basketball player in 1992. After moving his family to Florida in 1994, he continued in Food & Beverage as Director of Catering at the Embassy Suites Orlando South. Paul then gained recognition by rising within the ranks of the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) to be Orlando Chapter President. Transitioning over to group hotel sales was his next passion, consistently exceeded booking goals for Adam's Mark Hotels & Resorts as well as the Grosvenor Resort.

Currently, the area with the most growth for Paul and his HelmsBriscoe clients is start up Anime/Sci-fi/Fantasy conventions. Paul has been incredibly successful at placing conventions in venues around Florida for the past few years. To this date, over fifteen (15) fandom conventions have used Paul in their inaugural event(s) and have continued using him due to his vast knowledge of the hotel industry.

Paul's goal is to share his expertise in locating the best venues for excited fans who would like to explore a convention start up. He will give them the direction and knowledge they need to be successful in a growing and highly competitive industry. If you ever wanted to start a convention and need to talk to hotels or find a location to have it, Paul is the go-to guy for it! The best part about working with Paul is that his service is totally FREE and always will be!

DJ:  (DJ / Purveyor of Awesome Sounds)

Shadowfax is probably most recognized by convention attendees for his famous Saturday night BLACKOUT: Rave parties but he and his crew of Tech Ninjas are also responsible for bringing the stage, sound and lighting to life at many conventions across the state.

His background includes over twenty five years in the entertainment industry in a career that encompasses many roles from technical writer to fire-breather. In 2004 he introduced technical theater staging to the fan-based convention scene and has been raising the bar higher every year. His company has since helped nearly a dozen fan-based conventions to get their start and continues to provide technical services for many of them, including several of the largest in the state. When not working the convention scene, Shadowfax is a professional event DJ and also the owner and lead graphic artist for Outlaw Custom Designs where he can typically be found creating decals and T-shirts for clients around the world.

Shadowfax is best known for his massive room-filling Raves. More than a dance, they are a sensory experience where he blends Vocal, Anthem and Uplifting Trance with lights, video and glowsticks to create his own flavor of sensory-overloading EDM euphoria.

Show Events / Panels for Shadowfax
Joey Murder & the Spirit of 8bit
Entertainer:  (Nerdcore Band)

Spirit of 8bit is a Nerdcore project based out of Bradenton, Florida. Written and Produced by Joey Logan (Joey Murder), the project was formed in 2012 and has worked with many of artists from local Florida projects to Indie artists all over the globe. Remaining unsigned and through in house funding and self promotion, Joey has taken the project from doing featured tracks on a multitude of compilations to releasing an up and coming full length EP in 2014 along with tour dates and live performances starting with the Omni Expo Stage in May 2014!

DJ:  (Digital Audio Artist)

Based out of Tampa, FL, Robert Anderson (DJ ROBOROB) has held a tight grip on all things that encompass the electronic music scene. RoboRob masterfully blends genres to fit his own unique style. His passions span from hard electro to drumstep, breaks to hip hop and dubstep to chiptune. Some of his notoriety stems from his unrivaled ability to play to any crowd, anywhere, while playing many of his own productions.

As far back as 2007, he's since self released 6 full length studio albums and 3 EPs of original material, on top of a multitude of highly praised remixes. 2013 saw a good year for RoboRob when he signed with Damn Son Music and released 2 EPs and continues to release. RoboRob is also supported by and has releases on Scrub Club Records and Gravitas Records. His latest ep 'Terra- Solaris part 2' is being received well. His production style knows no bounds, and he's toured the nation and shared the stage with artists such as: Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Excision, Global Deejays, Mickey Avalon, Hieroglyphics, Nappy Roots, and more.

Festivals DJ RoboRob has played:
Get Lucky 2014, Nerdapalooza 2013, Orlando Music Festival - Go! 2013, Defcon 2013 Comicpalooza 2013, Get Lucky 2013, Get Freaky 2012, Nerdapalooza 2012, Desert Rocks 2012, Das Energi 2012, Get Lucky 2012, Nerdapalooza 2011

Artists DJ RoboRob has opened for:
Above and Beyond, Benny Benassi, Tiesto, Quintino, Alvaro, Excision, They Might Be Giants, Manufactured Superstars, Pegboard Nerds, Tritonal, Tommy Trash, J.Rabbit, Datsik, Dieselboy, Terravita, Jackal & Hyde, Fedde Le Grand, Tritonal, MSTRKRFT, Sue Cho, Designer Drugs, Sidney Samson, Cold Blank, Midnight Conspiracy, Global Deejays, Mickey Avalon, Le Castlvania, Darth and Vader, Downlink, Kristina Sky, Heiroglyphics, Nappy Roots, Breathe Carolina.

Eric Bennett "RainBro Dash"
Voice Actor:  (Amateur Voice Actor)

Eric RainBro Dash Bennett is an upcoming actor/voice actor from New York. Determined to make it big, he is running and joining all sorts of projects with the most notable being his "On a Cross and Arrow Audiobook" based on the Conner Cogwork fanfiction. Happy to hang out with anyone, he likes nothing more than to just chat with others and help them when he can. So check him out for information on his projects and meet the coolest stallion out there! After all: "It takes Awesome to know Awesome"!

Vehicle:  (The ALT* CON, BBC Worldwide Licensed, Tardis - Hangar 18 Props)

The ALT*Con TARDIS was created for the first ALT*Con Tallahassee Convention on April 12, 2013. The idea came after Brian and Verity Coghill, owners and builders at Camelot Productions and Hangar 18 Props, watched a “Doctor Who” marathon one day while planning the convention. They looked at the iconic prop and had the thought:

“That would look so cool at ALT*Con. We should build one!”

Armed with photos from the show and set-builds, but no blueprints or measurements, the build began. Using the most inexpensive materials that would work and a low-end 10” table-saw, they built themselves a full-size 2005-era TARDIS. After its debut at ALT*Con, their TARDIS took on a life of its own. Soon, the TARDIS was being booked at conventions. Then, with new ideas, new tools, and better materials, they raffled off the Mark 1 to make room for the ALT*Con TARDIS Mark 2.

The second build far surpassed the first, but with every convention, like Cincinnati ComiCon and Tampa Necronomicon, they got ideas on how to improve on the Mark 2 and make assembling it easier. The newly built and constantly touched-up TARDIS Mark 3 is a great showcase of what happens when crazy fans have the ability to make their geek dreams come true. And now, with the blessing of BBC Worldwide, Hangar 18 Props is bringing the ALT*Con TARDIS to Whovians and conventions throughout the Eastern US.

Hanger 18 Website

ALT*Con Website

2015 Fly'n Time Machine
Vehicle:  (Delorean Time Machine - Dandera Entertainment Inc)

"GREAT SCOTT!" This Delorean Time Machine owned by The Dandera Family is not only screen accurate, but also has been outfitted with amazing audio and visual special effects as seen in the Back To The Future Trilogy. These special effects are unsurpassed and have not been incorporated on any other Time Machine replica know to be for hire.

Watch one of our provide videos and you'll s see for yourself the jaw-dropping, Las Vegas style, NASA engineered special effects that are unsurpassed by any other provider.

With a twist of the Black Drive Switch handle, you turn the Time Circuits on. Watch as the Flux Capacitor starts fluxing and many other props begin to come alive as they did in the movie. See the vehicle's speedometer as it ramps up to 88 mph and automatically activates the mesmerizing spectacular time travel dispersal simulation that lights up the entire vehicle inside and out with eye opening jaw dropping bright blue colored lights. While at the same time all this is happening, the time travelling audio FX will burst from the external audio system to add that touch of Doc Brown magic to the whole experience.

As if the special effects weren't enough, Coulombe Enterprises has incorporated into our Time Machine, a remote wireless push button activation for all of the vehicles visual effects along with many audio clips, allowing your host to play those memorable sound tracks from the movie, like the dramatic" Back To The Future theme" tune and some unforgettable quotes from Marty, Biff, and of course Doc Brown himself.

Although this vehicle is by no means official, it was recently featured on stage for display outside Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios Florida Resort and used in many commercial film videos.

Dandera Entertainment Inc is a proud supporter of the Michael J. Fox Foundation's Team Fox For Parkinson's Research. Team Fox is the grassroots community fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Each year more than 1,600 Team Fox members worldwide turn their passions and interests into unique fundraising events and athletic feats.

1955 Lightning Bolt Series
Vehicle:  (Delorian Time Machine)

With a Flux Capacitor boasting over 1.21 jigowatts of power, the amazing Time Machinist over at Coulombe Enterprises have brought to life the 1955 Doc Brown Lightning Bolt Series Delorean Time Machine Replica! Engineered with incredible technology, Audio/Visual Special Effects and Movie accuracy, this wonderful replica will have your jaw dropping, eyes popping out, heart racing and your inner child wanting to take this incredible Time Machine for a trip Back to the Future!

A real life Doc Brown himself, Bruce Coulombe is a former NASA engineer that has made an incredible business of recreating famous 1980 circa vehicles, Robots and muscle cars. But the Flagship vehicle of their business since 1996 is their Back To The Future Trilogy Time Machines. They build these beauties out of Deloreans and they do it with style!

Coulombe Enterprises team are professionals at building film accurate vehicles, robots and props with special effects extras of which even Doc Brown would be envious of.

Extensive research, craftsmanship and development goes into each project Coulombe Enterprises team undertakes. Utilizing both our extensive library of researched material and the collective efforts of many artisans, they strive to recreate in exact details, a destinctive category of some of the most sought-after and iconic replica's from Classic television and Film.

Mark your calendar to stop by the Omni Expo May 22-24 2014 to have your picture taken with Marty McFly by your side as you sit in the driver's seat of this magnificent Time Machine Replica.

Coulombe Enterprises and Omni Expo team up to Doing More Than Expected.... Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!"





Raider One
Vehicle:  (Battlestar Galactica Original series Cylon Raider - Sci-Con)

“Raider One” is a Battlestar Galactica Original series Cylon Raider built half scale. After its debut at Galacticon 3 in May of 2013 in Houston, TX its next event was DragonCon 2013. Since then it has been in many parades and conventions around the country.

One of our highest achievements was at the Galacticon 3 convention when R.J Probert, the artist who designed the Cylons and this raider, gave us the nod and congratulated us on a good job. Raider One will be the star attraction at Sci-Con Tampa in September of 2014 along with three of the actors from the original series.

We list all future appearances on the Raider One page on Facebook. Come by and like us.

The Imperious Leader

Remember Cylons are your friends so trust us.

SWFL Zombie Truck
Vehicle:  (Awesome Survival Vehicle by the Zombie Response Team)

This is the one and only ZOMBIE TRUCK! We've put 3 sets of HID's in, a 50 inch light bar up top, a 24 inch light bar up front ( to see the zombies at night) strobes all around, under car LED's, wheel well led's (to help other survivors find safety), helped finish the bull bar (to run zombies over with), NAV/DVD player (get directions to the CDC and watch a movie on the way), a winch (to pull the redbox machine over when The Breakfast Club DVD gets old), radar (no reasonable explanation pertaining to a zombie apocalypse but hey it hasn't happened yet and we still have to get around), and of course we upgraded the sound system because you don't want to hear the moans of the dead 24/7. Also with a complete CB / PA radio to call in for help find survivors and get others out of the way. The back seat also includes headrest entertainment systems to play the installed Nintendo Wii to pass some time! A alarm system with a keypad on the front windshield to keep intruders out. The front also includes a heavy duty winch to pull us or others out of trouble or to rip open a door on a store to gain supplies. And last but not least a train horn to call the horde...

Southern R2 Builders
Robots:  (Builders of Full-Size Replica Droids)

The Southern R2 Builders are the Florida branch of the R2-D2 Builders Club, a world-wide group of enthusiasts building replica R2-D2s and other droids from the Star Wars universe. We are a family-oriented group, with both male and female builders of all ages.

Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced prop maker, we're here to provide knowledge, support, and encouragement to all droid builders and Star Wars fans.

501st Legion
Industry Guest:  (The World's Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization!)

 "...The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work..."

To Promote Interest in Star Wars
While a growing number of people are experiencing a reawakening of their Star Wars fandom, new generations are seeking ways to celebrate their passion for George Lucas's modern mythology. The 501st Legion brings these fans together, reinforcing the enduring longevity of the Star Wars saga.

To Facilitate the Use of Costumes
Some fans are content to collect action figures...other fans want to be action figures. Nothing professes your passion quite like building your own detailed costume replica of a classic Star Wars villain, and there's nothing quite like the feeling that comes from bringing the characters of Star Wars into the real world and sharing the magic with others.

To Contribute
While our organization was founded to simply provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests, the 501st is proud to put its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism.

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